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TimeBox Evo, the most intelligent pixel speaker

  • TimeBox Evo, the most intelligent pixel speaker
  • TimeBox, the most intelligent pixel speaker
  • TimeBox, the most intelligent pixel speaker
  • TimeBox, the most intelligent pixel speaker
  • TimeBox Evo, the most intelligent pixel speaker
TimeBox Evo, the most intelligent pixel speaker
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A unique and compelling gadget, TimeBox clock and Bluetooth speaker shows 8-bit art, animations and alerts on its colorful display.

Origin: China 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Awesome product! Worth buying for, very smart gadget. Hoping you can also put VIBER app. by the near future. Planning to buy more in the near future!<br /> Keep it up!<br />

Great!! Really cool. Works great…

This is an awesome bluetooth speaker. Many features: clock, alarm. Streams music, fm radio stations, etc.<br /> Has many pre-loaded graphics, also you can design your own. It can give you the temperature inside & outside along with weather screens.<br />

TimeBox Evo, the most intelligent pixel speaker
Tax included
Product in stock


Divoom TimeBox is the most intelligent musical smart clock for your home. The built-in FM tuner brings you the excitement of local radio stations, while its intelligent alarm and sleep aid systems ensure the most pleasant sleep experience. Its fine-tuned audio and other unique features provide an unparalleled product experience.

Pixel art creation

Enjoy the classic fun with the most convenient and modern way. You can now create your own pixel art easily with the Timebox, as well as sharing your works with your friends.

Fine-crafted RGB LED gem

Equipped w/121 high-quality full RGB LED, these pixels can deliver up to thousands vivid colors. With the most advance GoldenLux technology, these LED can outlast any cooper based LED. To further enhance its lighting, Timebox employed a fine-crafted high-illuminated LED panel, where the fashionable gems can transfer the most original and colorful lighting.

LED Lighting

121 RGB LED provides the same luminosity as a 3W night lamp, and you can adjust the Timebox to your desired state of brightness.

Great audio

Packed with a 5-watts driver with passive radiator, Timebox is fine-tuned with the latest DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology. It’s one of the best  sounding speakers in its class.

Bluetooth® 4.0 SMART

Timebox is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 smart transfer technology, where its improved stable connection brings your favorite music in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Turn the radio on

Enjoy all the exciting entertainment by your favorite local radio station.

Record voice message

Hold the snooze button or use in-app function to record your message.

Built-in microphone

Built-in microphone provides the hands-free calling function, where you can enjoy the conversation without interrupting the task on your hands.

Sleep aid

Enchanted with both relaxing sleep-aid soundtracks and the refreshing wake up alarms, TimeBox aims to provide the best sleep experience. You can also set your own pixel art, music and radio stations as your personal alarms.

Mini games

Enjoy the endless fun on these mini-games with your family. We will continue to roll out some retro pixel games for the classic fun.