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Top 5 Smart Key Lock Boxes for Airbnb Hosts: Secure and Convenient Solution
Top 5 Smart Key Lock Boxes for Airbnb Hosts: Secure and Convenient Solution
As the world of short-term rentals continues to evolve, Airbnb hosts are increasingly seeking inno...
 31/01/2024  (726)    (2) <b>1</b>    (0)
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions In the ever-changing field of smart home t...
 30/01/2024  (308)    (2) <b>1</b>    (0)
How to Choose the Right Hair Regrowth Laser Product for Your Hair Type?
How to Choose the Right Hair Regrowth Laser Product for Your Hair Type?
If you’ve reached the limits of treatment for hair loss and thinning hair through various hair gro...
 19/01/2024  (670)    (4) <b>1</b>    (0)
How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Your Baby?
How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Your Baby?
In poignant moments of parenthood, your newborn's heartbeat and breath become a symphony of joy a...
 16/01/2024  (643)    (3) <b>1</b>    (0)
Easy Lock: Introduction to Igloohome Smart Key Box 3
Easy Lock: Introduction to Igloohome Smart Key Box 3
Smart access is now easy Remote control is at your fingertips  With the Igloohome applicati...
 25/11/2023  (476)    (1) <b>1</b>    (0)

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ViATOM Oxylink: Wearable Pulse Oximeter for...

The Oxylink Wearable Pulse Oximeter by ViATOM is a revolutionary health device designed to offer continuous monitoring of your oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate with ease and comfort. This compact, wearable device ensures you can keep track of your vital signs without any time or place limitations. It features a soft ring sensor for comfort, an audible alarm for immediate alerts on abnormal readings, and a free app for detailed data analysis and sharing. With a wide measuring range, it's suitable for athletes, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory conditions or fatigue, ensuring peace of mind through real-time health monitoring.

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HoMedics HoMedics Foot Massager, the heat...

HoMedics Foot Massager is a heat massaging device that helps you to relax the tension in your feet at home. In just fifteen minutes, you can enjoy a nice relaxing session thanks to a shiatsu inspired device.

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Sensate Sensate 2, the deep relaxation device

Sensate 2 is a pebble-shaped device that allows you to relieve stress, anxiety by offering you deep relaxation by combining the function of vibration and sound to easily encourage you to relax. It is a device that uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your mobile devices and recharges via its USB port.

Origin: UK Fichier:Flag of the United Kingdom.svg — Wikipédia

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FREGENBO FREGENBO 3D Sleep, the 3D sleep mask

FREGENBO 3D Sleep is a mask with a 3D contoured design that allows you to connect your smartphones through Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It has a microphone and two earphones allowing you to listen to your music and audiobooks but also make phone calls.

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Snailax 2 in 1, the shiatsu foot and back massager for Snailax 2
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Snailax Snailax 2 in 1, the shiatsu foot and...

Snailax 2 in 1 is a massage device that massages both feet and back. It offers a complete and comfortable massage with 3 massage modes, 3 intensity levels and a heating option. It helps to reduce fatigue, soothe foot pain but also back pain. It also improves blood circulation.

Origin: USA Fichier:Flag of the United States.svg — Wikipédia

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COLIFRSC COLIFRSC, the mask for sleep

COLIFRSC is a mask that makes it easy to get back to sleep, it uses Bluetooth connectivity and has speakers so you can connect it to your smartphones and listen to your favorite music and audio books. It has a rechargeable battery via a USB cable and offers 10 hours of playback for 2 hours of full recharge.

Origin: China Fichier:Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg — Wikipédia

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Triducna Triducna, the foot massager

Triducna is a shiatsu massage machine with several functions to relieve pain in the muscles of your feet and the arch of your foot. It is ergonomically designed and has a touch control pad for ease of use.

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truMedic truMedic MagicHands, the magic hands...

truMedic MagicHands is the perfect massager against aches and pains.  With its supports, it can be placed on the neck, back and legs to enjoy a most relaxing massage, even more so when it is equipped with its heating function. Its lightness allows you to take it everywhere for a soothing therapy.

Origin: USA Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

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PEGASI PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses:...

PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses are designed to improve sleep quality and increase energy levels. These innovative glasses use light therapy, a method proven to combat insomnia and regulate sleep patterns. Users have reported more restorative sleep and increased energy in the mornings. The glasses are comfortable, fitting well even over regular glasses, and are convenient for use during morning routines. They charge quickly and are portable, making them ideal for travel. Some users have noted the app's limitations and the glasses' build quality as areas for improvement. Overall, PEGASI 2 Glasses are a valuable tool for those seeking a non-medication approach to improving sleep and energy levels.

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TOUCHPOINT TouchPoints for Sleep: Revolutionize...

TouchPoints for Sleep is a groundbreaking neurostimulator designed to enhance your sleep quality. Utilizing cutting-edge BLAST technology, it reduces stress and anxiety, helping you fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restful night. This wearable device is easy to use, fitting seamlessly into your nightly routine. Whether you struggle with insomnia, stress, or just want to optimize your sleep, TouchPoints for Sleep offers a drug-free, non-invasive solution. Experience the benefits of improved sleep, better mood, and increased focus, all contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

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TESMED TESMED te780 Plus, EMS and TENS...

TESMED te780 Plus is a device that includes an LCD screen, several control buttons and 12 electrodes that allow you to treat all muscle pain with EMS and TENS technology. It offers 49 massage programs to target all parts of your body.

Origin: Italy Fichier:Flag of Italy.svg — Wikipédia

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MUSE MUSE S: The Ultimate Sleep &...

The MUSE S Headband is a groundbreaking sleep and meditation device designed to enhance your meditation practice and improve your sleep hygiene. It provides real-time feedback on your mind, heart, body, and breathing, similar to MUSE 2, but with added sleep tracking and guided journeys. Whether you're looking to deepen your meditation sessions or achieve tranquil nights, MUSE S's extended 10-hour battery life transitions smoothly from day meditation to bedtime relaxation. Experience peaceful mornings and restful nights by mastering breath control and calming your mind. The device's sleep tracking features offer lab-grade insights from the comfort of your home, tracking sleep stages, position, efficiency score, and deep sleep insights. MUSE S is your personal meditation and sleep assistant, making it easier to focus during the day and enjoy restorative sleep at night.

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