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Arc Star, Levitating Speaker

  • Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
  • Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
  • Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
  • Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
  • Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
Arc Star, Levitating Speaker

Arc Star the speaker that combines design and technology

Origine: France 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews

My daughter was super happy with this, it was a little difficult to get it to levitate at first but we got it done.<br /> Sound is great and for a Star Wars fan a must<br />

Biggest hit of Christmas gifts! Fun to watch and speakers worked great!

Arc Star, Levitating Speaker
Product in stock


The floating speaker


The 7 Arc Star has a circular speaker ball which floats elegantly over the magnetic base connected to a power source. The speaker has a circular design with speaker vents in a 360° alignment, making the speaker play music more efficiently instead of regular front/top sided speakers. The speaker call can also be used without the base as a portable Bluetooth speaker on the go and last for 8 hours on a full charge, letting you take your music with you wirelessly. It also comes with a green illumination band running around the speaker, making the 7 Arc Star look drop-dead gorgeous when being used in the dark.

Magnetic Base with LED indicators

The magnetic base of the 7 Arc Star is way more than just a magnetic base for balancing the floating speaker. The magnetic base comes with a port which charges your speaker ball directly so that it keeps floating while playing your favorites tracks for long hours. That’s not just it, the port can also be used for charging your smartphones and acts as a charging hub. So now instead of having multiple wires on your work desk, the base can be used to act as a powerhouse for your smartphones. It also houses the 4 green balancing LEDs, which are used to balance the speaker ball when getting it to float - making it easier for you to balance the floating speaker by following the flickering of the 4 green LED indicators.


Smartphone Charging Dock

With a 1500 mAh built-in battery, the magnetic base can be used to charge your smartphones even when the speaker ball is floating above it, letting you play your music with the 7 Arc Star and charge your smartphones with it simultaneously. Its acts a charging dock for your 1A rated devices.


Bluetooth & NFC

Bluetooth and NFC Connectivity lets you connect your smartphone/tablet to the 7 Arc Star in more than one ways! Simply select the 7 Arc Star from your list of available Bluetooth devices or tap your NFC enabled smartphone on the top green indicator on the ball and that’s it! It’s connected!


360° Sound

The 7 Arc Star has no so-called ‘back of the speaker’, letting you use it anywhere without having to worry about your music getting obstructed or the sound being subjected to a unidirectional projection from the speaker system . The circular design delivers equal sound in every direction.

Multi-purpose Bluetooth Speaker

You can use the 7 Arc Star in 3 ways – making it stand out from the crowd of regular Bluetooth speakers. Use the Speaker Ball as a portable Bluetooth Speaker, carrying it with you on go. You can use the magnetic base as a charging dock. Finally, you can use them together as a floating speaker.