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Top 5 Smart Key Lock Boxes for Airbnb Hosts: Secure and Convenient Solution
Top 5 Smart Key Lock Boxes for Airbnb Hosts: Secure and Convenient Solution
As the world of short-term rentals continues to evolve, Airbnb hosts are increasingly seeking inno...
 31/01/2024  (670)    (1) <b>1</b>    (0)
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions
5 Latest Trends in Smart Indoor Lighting Solutions In the ever-changing field of smart home t...
 30/01/2024  (285)    (1) <b>1</b>    (0)
How to Choose the Right Hair Regrowth Laser Product for Your Hair Type?
How to Choose the Right Hair Regrowth Laser Product for Your Hair Type?
If you’ve reached the limits of treatment for hair loss and thinning hair through various hair gro...
 19/01/2024  (642)    (4) <b>1</b>    (0)
How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Your Baby?
How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Your Baby?
In poignant moments of parenthood, your newborn's heartbeat and breath become a symphony of joy a...
 16/01/2024  (621)    (3) <b>1</b>    (0)
Easy Lock: Introduction to Igloohome Smart Key Box 3
Easy Lock: Introduction to Igloohome Smart Key Box 3
Smart access is now easy Remote control is at your fingertips  With the Igloohome applicati...
 25/11/2023  (473)    (1) <b>1</b>    (0)

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Polycom Studio X30, the speakerphone...

Polycom Studio X30 is a conference camera that fits into a speakerphone with 4 built-in microphones for high quality sound. It offers 4k resolution, a 120° field of view and a 4X digital zoom ideal for small rooms with up to 6 participants.

Origin: USA Flag of the United States - Wikipedia

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ICE Arc Star Floating Speaker: Futuristic...

The Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker is not just a speaker; it's a piece of futuristic art. This levitating speaker floats magically above its base, providing 360° of spinning sound. It's not only about aesthetics; the speaker delivers crisp, clear sound quality that fills the room. The orb can be used as a portable speaker, and the base doubles as a charging dock for both the speaker and your smartphone. With Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, pairing is effortless. The green illumination adds to its mystical allure, making it a perfect conversation starter or a mesmerizing addition to any room. Whether you're enjoying your favorite tunes or looking for a unique gift, the Arc Star Floating Speaker is sure to impress with its combination of sound quality and levitating design.

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Divoom Divoom TimeBox Evo: The Ultimate...

The Divoom TimeBox Evo is a unique Bluetooth speaker that combines high-quality sound with a creative twist of pixel art. This speaker features a 16x16 LED display that allows you to showcase a variety of pixel art designs, animations, and notifications. It's not just a speaker; it's an interactive art piece that can be customized through the accompanying app. The TimeBox Evo is perfect for music lovers and art enthusiasts alike, offering a fun way to express creativity while enjoying your favorite tunes. Its compact size makes it ideal for any room, and it doubles as a charming bedside alarm clock. The speaker delivers clear, powerful sound and connects effortlessly to your devices. Whether you're looking to add a touch of personality to your space or searching for a unique gift, the TimeBox Evo is a delightful choice.

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Tech-Life Tech-Life BoomBand, the world's most...

The Tech-Life BoomBand stands out as a unique wearable Bluetooth speaker, designed for those who love to integrate music into their active lifestyle without the inconvenience of wires or bulky devices. This innovative speaker wraps comfortably around your wrist, combining the convenience of a smartwatch with the entertainment value of a portable speaker. It's waterproof, making it a reliable accessory for all kinds of outdoor adventures, whether you're hitting the trails, cycling through the city, or just going for a morning jog. The BoomBand's design is sleek and unobtrusive, ensuring it won't interfere with your movement or activities. Despite its compact size, it packs a powerful audio punch with its 360-degree sound projection, providing a rich and immersive listening experience that is surprisingly loud compared to a smartphone's speaker. This feature is particularly beneficial when you're outdoors and need a sound that can cut through ambient noise.


Infinity Orb Infinity Orb floating speaker, UFO...

Infinity Orb floating speaker is a flying saucer shaped speaker, suspended in the air through the use of magnetic fields. It has a built-in LED light clip with a stabilized light source to create a soft musical atmosphere at a reunion, family party, music nights etc.

Origin: China Drapeau de la république populaire de Chine — Wikipédia

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Anker Anker Soundcore Mini, The...

Anker Soundcore Mini is a cylindrical mini loudspeaker that gives you a pleasant sound. 

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iFox Creations iFox iF012, a portable waterproof...

iFox iF012 is a speakerphone with a microphone that allows you to listen to music on all Bluetooth devices but also to answer phone calls with a simple gesture. It is an IP67 certified device allowing it to be fully immersed in water up to a depth of 1 meter ideal for use in the shower or poolside.

Origin: Ireland Fichier:Flag of Ireland.svg — Wikipédia

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REAVEAL solar speaker, portable and wireless Bluetooth in Eco-Friendly
  • New
REAVEAL solar speaker, portable and...

This designer speaker combines the natural beauty of sustainable bamboo with solar power to make it one of the most eco-friendly speakers on the market! Bluetooth/Wireless functionality allows for easy pairing, setup and sync in no time with your phone, tablet or computer. Enjoy the freedom of being truly wireless, leave your speaker outdoors or on a windowsill indoors, you may never have to plug it in! When there is no sunshine, the battery life is 15 hours. The option to charge the speaker using a USB cable in a wall outlet is available if needed. This speaker doubles as a portable charger for your mobile devices. Your phone, tablet, MP3 player or laptop can be charged while listening to your music.

ITSBO-514 LED Umbrella Speaker with Bluetooth for Features 7 Color
  • New
ITSBO-514 LED Umbrella Speaker with...

Features 7 Color changing LEDs, a speaker timer function and a remote control. Built-in rechargeable battery Lasts for 4.5 hours and fully recharges in about 5 hours (charging cable included). Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. No cords needed! wireless Bluetooth connectivity with a 33 ft. range. Can be attached to umbrella Poles up to 2" wide or thinner.

OT2800-B Turtle Shell 3.0 Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Black for Hi-fi
  • New
OT2800-B Turtle Shell 3.0 Wireless...

Hi-fi portable speaker using Bluetooth version 4. 2 to wirelessly stream 360-degree Audio anywhere you go. Two full range drivers and a bass radiator packed into a design-magazine-worthy polygonal Housing. Shock proof, dust proof and waterproof, and it floats. Huge rechargeable 3600mAh li-ion battery for a massive 20 hours of party-party time and power bank capability. True wireless Daisy chain feature links two shells together for ultimate portable stereo sound. Included components: USB charging cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, signature ODT carry pouch and user manual.

Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker by CLEARON for The CLEARON
  • New
Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker...

The CLEARON speaker is a high quality wireless floating speaker. IPx7 certification guarantees 100% dust and water resistance. The LED light allows the speaker to light up and change color.

ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Lite Mini Smart Speaker (Blue) for The ECOXGEAR
  • New
ECOXGEAR EcoPebble Lite Mini Smart...

The ECOXGEAR speaker is a 100% waterproof and dustproof mini wireless speaker. Easy to carry, take it with you and answer your calls via the built-in speaker. Over 7 hours of listening time and full recharge in 2.5 hours only.

Adjustable cord included.