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Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers

  • Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
  • Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
  • Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
  • Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
  • Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers

The Slate makes it possible to keep the natural and unparalleled sensations of the sliding pencil on a sheet of paper while taking advantage of the unlimited possibilities of the digital. With a simple ring inserted on your pencil, your sketches are instantly reproduced on the screen of your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Origin: France 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

It’s great. This is my first drawing tablet and I couldn’t be any happier with it. It works PERFECTLY and I do love the software it came with.

This tablet is great for the beginner who want to learn how to do digital drawing.

I’ve personally had a positive experience with the product since buying it on OFS. The device is definitely magic :)

Slate 2+, the companion of paper-and-pencil lovers
Product in stock


The Slate revolutionizes your digital art

In creating the Slate, we wanted to combine the unique and irreplaceable experience of drawing on paper with the limitless possibilities of digital. You draw with your own pencils on real paper and your drawings instantly come alive on the screen.Our challenge? Integrating into the digital world the feeling that comes with using real objects for an enhanced experience.


The Slate: a new update for unprecedented performance

With this update, the Slate is now free from its (magnetic) environment and offers an unprecedented new experience. Even more precise and sensitive, it will adapt to your style and creative lifestyle.


Imagink, the app designed for the Slate

Our drawing application has been re-configured for all your devices (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones). The new performance indicator has been completely redesigned to best support you in your creative experience and guarantee optimal drawing conditions.


Use your favorite pencils

Thanks to the iskn Ring, combine the natural use of pencil with the power of digital. Take your favorite pencil, slide the ring onto it and let the magic happen!


Let your papers do the talking

Keep the unique sensation of paper. Use your favorite paper or even a notebook up to 7mm thick and let your talent show!



Use the Slate with your favorite devices whether you're at the office, at home or on the go. Compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS and Android smartphones, the Slate has also a standalone mode to use it without any device.


Make your Slate graphic tablet

Turn your Slate into a graphic tablet for a world unique 2-in-1! You can also use the Slate as a regular graphic tablet! Enhance your creations using your favorite design desktop apps like Photoshop or Illustrator.