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Illumy, the smart sleep mask

  • Illumy, the smart sleep mask
  • Illumy, the smart sleep mask
  • Illumy, the smart sleep mask
  • Illumy, the smart sleep mask
Illumy, the smart sleep mask
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Fall asleep faster, block out external light and wake up more refreshed with illumy – the smart sleep mask. App control gives you the ability to tailor your sleep experience and get the best rest possible.

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Life-changer! This eye mask has changed my sleep dramatically! I'm sleeping better and longer -- and getting to sleep faster. And it really helps with adjusting to different time zones.

Excellent method to help you sleep.

I don't write many product reviews, but I thought this one particularly deserved one. I love this sleep mask. It is easy to use and program. This is definitely worth the price tag for me.

Illumy, the smart sleep mask
Tax included


Sleep better and wake refreshed with your own personal sunset and sunrise

Our modern lifestyle often prevents us from receiving natural cues that aid in a healthy sleep cycle. The illumy smart sleep mask is a comfortable and lightweight smart sleep mask that blocks out unwanted light and provides its own light to trigger your body's natural responses. Blue tones wake you gently and effectively in the morning before your chosen alarm time, and red-toned light helps you fall asleep at night. These are the same light cues used by NASA to regulate sleep on the space station.


How It Works

illumy helps you fall asleep faster with gradually dimming sunset-colored lights.

In the morning, illumy will begin illuminating blue light like a bright sunrise before your chosen alarm time.

For stubborn insomniacs, our optional Sleep Enhancement® technology helps nudge users into sleep with pulsing lights. These lights pulse at slower Delta frequencies at bedtime and faster Alpha frequencies in the morning. illumy blocks all outside light that can keep you awake or interfere with your natural melatonin flow.


Choose all of your sunset and sunrise wakeup settings with an easy to use App


Illumy works for a power nap too!

Take a power nap with illumy and overcome the afternoon energy dip. A break in the afternoon increases productivity while a dose of blue light boosts alertness. Follow these steps:


1. For a 20 minute power nap, set the illumy alarm time 30 minutes later 2. than the current time

2. Choose a 20 minute sunrise

3. Set the sunset to "off"

4. Enable or disable the alarm chime

5. Sync illumy with the App

6. Press the sleep button

7. Lay back and relax - illumy will slowly wake you up after your nap with a bright blue energizing light


What's in the box:

- illumy Sleep and Wake Mask

- Travel Case

- Charger

- Micro USB Charge Cable

- Programming Cable

- User Manual

- Warranty Reply Card