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AYO is a revolutionary product that helps you boost your overall energy levels, optimize your sleep and beat the jet lag during your travels!

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Improve your sleep, boost your energy, travel jet lag free!


Innovative technology

The AYO light-emitting wearable is fully controlled by the AYO App with

smart programs for Sleep, Travel and Energy.


Scientifically proven light therapy glasses

Based on beneficial blue-turquoise light, which mimics the natural sunlight.


How it works

1. Special blue light stimulates eye cells

Similar to the sunlight, AYO’s gentle blue light enters your eyes and stimulates sensory cells called photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGGs)


2. Regulates production power of sleep hormone

Activated cells send signals to the brain area called Suprachiasmatic Nucleus to suppress the production of melatonin. This helps your internal body clock to be optimized according to your lifestyle.


3. Sleep cycle and energy levels are improved

You will fell energized immediately after melatonin suppression. As a result, before your bedtime, melatonin levels will rise actively, so you can fall asleep easily.


Effects after using

Short-term effects

When your eyes are exposed to AYO’s blue light, it signals your body to wake up by suppressing the level of melatonin. As a result, you will feel more energized and active in a natural way.


Long-term effects

By being exposed to AYO light about 20 minutes a day with the right timing and intensity, your body rhythm will be optimized. As a result, your sleep patterns and energy levels will be improved.


Efficient solution

Wavelength of light

AYO uses 470-475nm light which has been proven to be the most efficient wavelength for body clock adjustments.


Session timing

The AYO App calculates the exact session timing and suggests when to use the AYO wearable and when to avoid light in order to ensure the best effect.


Session duration

Depending on the light intensity and the personal data, the AYO App calculates how long the duration of the program and the session will be.




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Good to know :

The AYO light-emitting wearable is fully controlled by the AYO App with smart programs for Sleep, Travel and Energy

Rechargeable case for your smart device

Perform better during long working hours and eliminate the afternoon energy dip

The AYO wearable cannot be used while charging

AYO’s Energy Boost program can increase your energy and attention levels and enhance your mood

Available for iOS and Android devices




6.1 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches



1.28 ounces



iOS and Android



Rechargeable battery


Battery life

AYO carry case: up to 10 hours / 20 AYO sessions

AYO wearable: up to 3 hours / 6 AYO sessions



How to charge my AYO?

AYO has two built-in batteries - one in the AYO wearable and another one in the AYO case.


Battery life indicators


- The AYO case has a battery light indicator with four lines, positioned on the outside of the AYO carry case. Gently tap the carry case where the battery indicator icon is located, to awaken the battery indicator and see the remaining available power.


- The AYO wearable has a separate battery indicator in the AYO app. Once you select a program via the app and start using the AYO wearable, you will see the indicator on the top right of the app dashboard.




Charge the AYO case using the micro USB cable provided. Plug the micro USB port on the outside of the AYO case, next to the battery indicator.


Connect the cable with the AYO case on one side and with your laptop or external power adapter on the other side.


The AYO case battery charges the AYO wearable, whenever the wearable is snugly plugged into the carry case. Charging will cease once the wearable is fully charged.

-          To charge the AYO wearable, close its arms with the LEFT one (the one with the charging pins) being on the outside.

-          Insert the AYO wearable into its case, laying it flat on its frame inside the case and the prism pointing upwards.

-          Ensure that the AYO wearable charging pins fit into the designated area in the case.


Can my AYO by used by another family member or friend?

1. Create a separate user account for each user / smartphone. You can do that via the free AYO app, see App section for further details on the app.

2. Pair your AYO wearable with each of the smartphones / user accounts. For details on pairing, please read this article.


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