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Fingerprint Padlock is a Bluetooth enabled padlock that works with your thumbprint. You can use it to lock your bicycle or other belongings.

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A lock you can take anywhere with you

Fingerprint Padlock is a thumbprint lock that works with Bluetooth. It is ideal for lockers and handbags. It is weather resistant so you can take it anywhere with you. The fingerprint padlock can be used during rainy days, to lock your bike for example. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use which makes it a great device to keep your possessions secure.

Don’t forget your keys anymore

You don’t need keys or codes, the smart padlock is unlocked simply by your thumb or smartphone. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys as you always have a way to unlock your lock with you. With an app available from Google Play or the App Store, the lock can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It holds 15 groups of fingerprints so that you can share the lock with your friends or family. It makes it easy to share your lock without having to give keys away.

A strong device

The smart padlock is equipped with 300MAH rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 3 months if fully charged. You can easily charge it with a USB cable. It is also made of aluminum alloy and its shackle is made of stainless steel for high hardness. It makes it a very strong device that can’t be broken into which makes it more secure.



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Bluetooth enabled


Indoor and outdoor use

Unlock with thumb or smartphone

300MAH rechargeable lithium battery





4.7 x 2 x 5 cm


158 g


1 A lithium polymer battery


Can I share this lock with my family or friends?

15 different groups of fingerprints can be recorded. In the app, you can save the recorded fingerprint with different names.

Once you've set it up with the app, can you unlock it without a phone?

After recording your fingerprints without your phone, just touch the sensor pad to unlock it.

How to add more fingerprints?

Adding a fingerprint to the app requires 6 times of 360° omnidirectional multi-touch entry on the fingerprint lock. Go to the app’s settings, follow the prompts on the screen, tap your fingerprint on the reader multiple times until it is recorded successfully.

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