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eGeeTouch,, the end of keys and codes !

  • TSA Travel Lock, the end of keys and codes !
  • TSA Travel Lock, the end of keys and codes !
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TSA Travel Lock, the end of keys and codes !

With the TSA travel lock, the only thing you'll need is your smartphone - eGeeTouch® NFC technology will take care of the rest to unlock the lock when it detects you nearby. Pretty good, right?

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

WOW! What a company. Upon receiving my initial order, there was a problem. Upon One Fantastic Shop learning of my issue, I was sent a replacement unit immediately and allowed to keep the partially functioning unit! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I was very happy with the travel padlock and decided to try this padlock for office. So far so good after 3 weeks of trial! Similar to the travel padlock, the iPhone solution is very reliable.

The eGeeTouch Smart Padlock is good (hardware). The instructions manual that came with the lock are basic. You have to find detail information online. The app for the iPhone needs some improvement.

eGeeTouch,, the end of keys and codes !
Product in stock


With our PROXIMITY TRACKING technology, you will never leave your bag or carry-on suitcase behind, thus travel with peace-of-mind. Granted with PATENTS and numerous Innovation & Design AWARDS in U.S., Japan & Germany.


Proximity tracking

ENDURING ANXIETY for unintentionally leaving behind or losing your carry-on suitcase or bag containing important items while at the airport lounge, restaurant or left unattended in hotel room could be rather distracting and unease.

Our advanced WIRELESS TRACKING technology monitor & guard your suitcase in vicinity. It warns you via your smartphone or watch when your luggage is away from a set distance.


Unlocking with smartphone

Need NO KEY, NO CODE remembering & NO TINY 3-DIGIT WHEELS dialing to unlock your luggage.

All you need is ONE-TAP on your smartphone or watch or a fob to unlock!


TSA accepted

Recognized and ACCEPTED by TSA ensuring your luggage lock is NOT damaged during routine inspection at custom. TSA uses master key to unlock your luggage.

Engineered, tested and made to provide the EXTRA convenience to unlock, track to GUARD your luggage in vicinity yet deliver HIGH SECURITY authentication locking with over 100million IDs unmatched by any ordinary lock come with easily-cracked 3-digit combination code.


Battery backup

NO WORRY when battery runs low, the app notifies you. Despite repeated notifications, when ultimately runs out, simply use its BACKUP USB port to power it up and unlock as normal. Then, at your convenient time to change battery.

No WORRY if you lost, forget your phone or prefer NOT to use your phone to unlock. An NFC fob is included as alternative/backup for you to unlock.