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Regrow your hair !

Regrow your hair !


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The loss of a few hairs every day is a normal physiological phenomenon. Indeed, men lose about 40 hairs per day while women lose about 70. And new hairs grow to replace those that have fallen.

However, it becomes a pathological phenomenon when the falling hair is not replaced by other hair, or replaced by weak and less dense hair, or when the rate of hair loss exceeds the normal rate.

This involves many varied factors, all acting to varying degrees of intensity, on hair growth. It is a phenomenon affecting two thirds of men from the age of 35. This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, often called baldness.

In reality, there is no one and the same cause of hair loss and the reasons why hair begins to fall out and become sparse at the top of the head are many and varied. The main reason, mentioned in most cases, is related to genetic factors.

Indeed, more than nine in 10 people lose their hair due to a genetic problem.

Fortunately, there are some super effective hair regrowth solutions. We offer you some devices that help you to grow back your hair faster with the help of lasers that offer a complete treatment. These products have been approved by the FDA and offer up to 90% effectiveness.

The LaserBand 82 is a headband that applies therapeutic laser light to your scalp with an energy power of 1230 mW that aims to stimulate the hair follicles, reverse the tendency of hair thinning, ensure regrowth by providing increased density to have a healthier and more voluminous result for both men and women. It includes 82 lasers that provide a complete treatment applied on 3 sections of the scalp for a total of 246 laser covers. With use of 90 seconds and 3 days a week you could directly see the result in only 3 months. It includes separating teeth that separate your hair during the treatment so that the laser lights reach the follicles.

Hairmax is certified by 8 FDA approvals, 7 clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses and 6 published medical journals. The device is safe and can be used for androgenetic alopecia, including hereditary hair loss, hair loss in men and women, age-related hair loss and thinning, and menopausal hair loss with an increase of 129 hairs per square inch. Lasers emit collimated and focused light that moves in a straight line to penetrate the scalp.  

 (372)    (3)