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Easy blue light therapy for acne treatment at home

Easy blue light therapy for acne treatment at home


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Blue light therapy not only treats acne but also for many skin flaws like inflammation, imbalance of skin tone, and aging. It is a light treatment specially designed for acne which is a major problem for all of us, especially for oily skin. This device emits blue light and destroys bacteria and also cleanses your skin as it reduces the chances of acne and breakouts.


How blue light therapy works?

This device has 40 LEDs with a wavelength of 415 nm. First, it cleanses out all the germs and bacteria from the upper layer of your skin. Then it balances the sebum secretion of your skin for a deeper effect. This device is a very easy and painless process.

It has two methods continuously mode and pulse mode that works accordingly. Blue light therapy is acceptable for all skin types because of the very smooth process without using harsh chemicals.

Steps for using this anti-acne device

  • Firstly removes your makeup because chemical and alcohol-based makeup is a big reason for bad and acne-prone skin type.
  • Wash your face with your favorite face wash. Make sure your face wash is according to your skin type.
  • Apply any good moisturizer according to your skin type you can check here.
  • You can also apply your usual use serum but have a thicker consistency.
  • Turn on the device and drag smoothly on your skin specifically on your acne area.
  • The LED light for acne will turn on automatically when it touches your skin.
  • Use this device thrice a week, recommended use for 15 minutes only.

Advance features of blue light therapy

This device has updated software that has many updated features as compared to others. It has 40 numbers of bulb that works simultaneously. Works in two modes one is continuous mode and the second is pulse mode. You can use it on your face according to your skin’s demand.

The LED blue light didn’t injure your skin as these rays are chemical-free. Its structure is a safe design as it uses the face and that is a very sensitive part. By dragging smoothly on your face you can get your desired results. . This therapy treats enlarged oily glands that improve high chances for get rid of acne. It protects your skin from sun damage and also improves your skin texture.

Moreover, aging is a big problem for all of us, especially for dry skin types. It also tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles which help to keep your skin younger. As I mentioned above that is blue light device is suitable for all skin types but it has more impact on oily skin types. Including decreased scars and eczema also reduce inflammation.

Blue light therapy benefits

According to a dermatologist, blue light therapy is high anti-bacterial that is very effective for acne-prone skin. By using it you feel your nervous system calm and also energy your brain. Depression may also be treated with blue light therapy. These rays are free from UV rays so that your skin is completely protected from damage.

Blue light therapy is also helpful for healing wounds. So that if your acne becomes worst and start bleeding this therapy also helps to treat this.

This device is straightforward to use you can treat your skin yourself at home. At any time (not at night) you just follow basic steps and start treating not only your skin but also your depression and nervous system.

The best benefit of this blue light therapy device is that we can use it by ourselves. You don’t need to fix any kind of appointment with a specific dermatologist.

Cost and buying process

Blue light device therapy for acne is available on many online plate forms. Some shops have old mechanism devices with average prices. Others have updated software and mechanism at very high prices. But a fantastic shop provides the anti-acne blue light product with updated features and mechanisms at a low price.

You can easily buy this blue light therapy product from this online store for just $124.95. Go quickly and buy this product by simply calling on number or email available on the website. You can also read complete guidelines from the product box.

Caution for blue light therapy

Any person that is suffering from acne and acne-related problems. Also suffering from depression and need internal freshness by avoiding oral medication. This therapy is highly recommended for such kinds of persons. But if you already take any kind of oral medication, dermatologist avoids blue light therapy for these people.

If your skin matches all these skin problems like acne, inflammation, scars, or excessive amount of oil on your face only then you should use this device.

Why is blue light therapy avoided at night?

According to some research while doing blue light therapy at night disturbs a natural hormone. Melatonin is a sleep hormone produced by the brain that emits signals to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

That’s why it is better to avoid this therapy at night because sleep is a very important factor in good health and skin as well. Good sleeping hours boast your nervous system.


Nowadays every person’s life is very busy and everything is converted digitally rapidly. Blue light therapy devices just for 15 minutes thrice a week can solve our many skin problems. Try an anti-acne device with all the advanced features and leave your reviews below and share them with others

Thank you!




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