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BACtrack Element, Essential breathanalyzer

  • Mother, takes care of you in your daily tasks
  • Mother, takes care of you in your daily tasks
  • Mother, takes care of you in your daily tasks
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Mother, takes care of you in your daily tasks
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BACtrack Element Professional, Featuring proprietary Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology,  is BACtrack's most affordable professional breathalyzer. 

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I love this breathalyzer. It is compact, easy to use, and for personal use, you can keep re-using the mouth piece. It is a great safety device so you can decide when to leave driving to another person.

BACtrack Element, Essential breathanalyzer
Product in stock

DISCOVER BACtrack Element Pro

Your professional breathalyzer

BACtrack mission is to help people monitor their blood alcohol content (BAC) and make informed decisions by providing the industry's most accurate, innovative, and affordable breath alcohol testing devices.

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For 15 years, BACtrack has created accurate breathalyzers for consumers, businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement. Our customers trust us to offer the best in convenient, affordable, reliable blood-alcohol testing.

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BACKtrack strive to help people make informed decisions, and work hard to provide the industry’s most accurate, innovative, and affordable ways to monitor their blood alcohol content (BAC). We are committed to offering reliable ways for people to learn how alcohol affects their bodies, and to building awareness about far-reaching consequences of alcohol consumption and impaired driving.

In 2001 a senior in Economics at University of Pennsylvania conceived of and began BACtrack at a time when breathalyzers were only for law enforcement, and used only when it was too late. Keith Nothacker drove to California with a plan: change how the world drinks by showing them the numbers. He focused exclusively on breathalyzers and created consistent, reliable, technologically-advanced products to build BACtrack into a trusted brand now sold in 25 countries.

From there, we’ve built success with an unwavering focus on accuracy and reliability

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