Hydrao shower head, saving water is fun !

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Hydrao shower head, emits customizable colors based on your water consumption.

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1st connected shower in the world!

Remarkable innovation, the shower head Hydrao invites you to take intelligent showers to save water and energy. 200 € per year, it is the amount of water expenses that a family of 4 can save thanks to it every year (nearly 30 m3).

Real-time consumption

The Hydrao shower head changes color according to your consumption. It's now easy to see your real-time consumption in the shower in a flash and review it down. And if the whole family gets there, your consumption is going to skyrocket!

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Zero energy expenditure

No need for electrical power or battery to power the Hydrao knob. It is the water that flows through it that feeds the pommel and triggers its multiple colors.

Zéro dépense énergétique

An application that follows everything!

With the application Hydrao (IOS and Android), you record all the history of your consumption and can challenge the members of your family by comparing the results of each. Practical, recording is done continuously (no need to launch the application with each shower).

Installation and utilisation

The pommel is installed quickly (less than 2 minutes) instead of your old shower head. The colors are already preset but you can set your pommel from the Hydrao application via your smartphone or tablet.

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Technical informations

The pack consists of:

1 Hydrao Origin shower
1 anti-impurity seal
1 user manual

The Hydrao application works in bluetooth 4.0. The knob measures the water level in real time with an integrated multicolor light (green <10L, blue <20L, purple <30L, red <40L red blinking). Compatible with all showers, standard 1/2, requires 2 bar minimum pressure. Chrome finish: H: 260 mm / D: 105 mm. Clean 2 to 4 times a year in white vinegar for anti-calcareous maintenance. 2 years warranty, patented technology, made in France.

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The most playful way to reduce your water consumption and make real savings HYDRAO Origin illuminates the water jet of your shower of different colors according to the volume of water used. You thus constantly control your consumption of water and energy to heat it. You replace your pommel by HYDRAO Origin and it works automatically. • Apply HYDRAO SMART SHOWER offered to parameterize, memorize ... to challenge and control its consumption.




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Simple and intuitive, HYDRAO is the ideal tool for the whole family

Thanks to HYDRAO reduce your water consumption and heating. Save up to 25% per shower

With HYDRAO, reduce your bill! For a family of 4, you can repay your investment in less than 4 months
Connect your knob with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology
So that the planet and your wallet feel better!

The pommel is equipped with a micro-turbine that feeds the pommel with electricity thanks to the flow of water. No battery needed!


Is it necessary to use a smartphone to use HYDRAO?

The pommel contains basic preprogrammed thresholds, no need for smartphone for immediate use. The application allows more possibility such as changing thresholds and colors, or tracking its consumption on its smartphone.

How far can the HYDRAO Smart Shower application be used?

The pommel uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you to connect a few meters from the shower.

Can the water be washed off during the shower so that it can be washed without being considered finished?

During your shower, you can cut the water for 3 min to soap without losing the amount of water consumed until then. Beyond 3 min, the pommel considers that you have finished your shower.

Should we connect each time we shower to retrieve the information?

No, the pommel is equipped with an internal memory capable of saving up to 200 showers. This allows you to connect in a timely manner without loss of data.

Can the pommel be connected to a home automation box?

At the moment, it is only possible to retrieve the information via the application. In the future, we will develop APIs so that our pommel can communicate with this kind of devices.

Is my smartphone compatible with HYDRAO?

To connect to HYDRAO, you need an Android or iOS smartphone that supports at least the standard Bluetooth 4.0.

When I first use the pommel, I have the impression of waiting long for the color change, what can I do?

For your first use, we advise you to connect your HYDRAO shower head with the HYDRAO Smart Shower appliance (which you have installed on your smartphone or tablet). This will also allow you to customize the consumption thresholds of your pommel and the associated colors.




Charging time Self-powered by flowing water (no batteries, no batteries, no electrical connection)
Other characteristics autonomy Anti-limestone maintenance: cleaning with white vinegar 2 to 4 times per year according to water hardness
Networking and connectivity

Other features Networking and Connectivity Application available on the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).
OS, memory and applications

Other features OS Memory Application Compatible with all showers, easy screwing on the hose (standard 1/2)

Screen type Setting of 4 thresholds and colors

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