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Muse S helps you to meditate by providing feedbacks and guiding you to a better focus. The device helps you relax and get a restorative sleep.

Origin: Canada Drapeau du Canada — Wikipédia

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Easy meditation

Muse S makes meditation easy by taking the guesswork out of your practice and providing real-time feedback to help you recognize when you’ve become distracted and guiding you back to a focused and calm state. You can start your day with an unwavering focus and end it with blissful, restorative sleep. The custom fit your headband and Bluetooth pair to your device, connect your favorite headphones.

Relax faster

Muse S combines powerful feedback and soothing voice guidance with responsive meditations that help you to relax and move your mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you distracted and awake. It is designed to help turn off your busy mind and guide you to a restful sleep with immersive meditation-based journeys that monitor and respond in real-time to your brain activity, heart rate and body movement.

Comfortable device

The device is made of a soft, breathable stretch fabric comfortable enough for use anytime, anywhere. It is lightweight, compact for easy travel. You can fold it up and pack away nicely in your purse or carry-on luggage so you can minimize sleep disruptions while traveling.




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To know :

Helps with guided meditation

Comfortable headband

Multi sensor headset

Helps your sleeping pattern

Lightweight and compact

Real-time feedback




357 g


1 lithium ion battery


Will this headband work if you also wear glasses?

The Muse S requires contact between the ear sensors and the back of the ears. In some cases it is possible to wear glasses, however, we do not recommend it as you will likely have your eyes closed during meditation.

Is the headband washable?

If you wish to wash your Muse S Headband, it is important that you disconnect the Muse® S Pod prior to doing so as the Pod cannot be washed. Your Muse S headband must be hand washed with a mild, scent-free detergent.

Does the Muse S provide sleep stage tracking?

The Muse S, in its current state, does not provide sleep stage tracking.

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