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Deeper Sonar Pro is the ultimate fishfinder for shore anglers. It’s the only wireless sonar in the world with GPS for onshore mapping. Also great for ice, kayak and boat fishing.

Origin: Lithuania 

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Scanning and GPS mapping live on your phone

GPS-powered lake maps

Just cast out, reel in and create detailed maps live on your smartphone screen. View your maps on any phone or computer, then share with your fishing buddies using Lakebook.


No spot is out of reach

The PRO+ casts further (330 ft.) and scans deeper (260 ft.) than any other castable fish finder. And the powerful dual-beam sonar sends 15 scans per second for accurate readings you can trust.


See more with pro standard display

Get the complete picture – depth, fish icons (with depth and size), fish arches, bait balls, vegetation, structure, bottom hardness and contours. Fully adjustable sensitivity.


A 4 season sonar

Get 4 sonars in 1 with the versatile PRO+. Map from the shore in spring, troll from your kayak in summer, cast from a bass boat in fall, then use it ice fishing in winter. Any season, any fishing type, the PRO+ is ready.


A versatile fish finder anyone can use

To really improve your angling, and catch more and bigger, detailed data on the locations your fish is priceless. And with the incredibly versatile Deeper PRO+, you have all the tools to get just the know-how you want:


- Use wide beam scanning to cover broad areas and narrow beam for detailed scanning, then use the sliding scale to adjust sonar sensitivity.

- Choose from 3 color palettes for perfect visibility in all conditions, and switch from basic to detailed display.

- Set fish alarms for shore fishing or depth alarms as you troll.

- Mount to any kayak or boat then troll with the Deeper App in Boat Mode.

- In hard water season, enable ice fishing mode with circular and vertical flasher, and GPS ice hole marking.


Deeper Smart sonar Pro +

Level up your angling with best fish finder for casting range and scanning depth. It has more power, more features and is the world’s only castable with inbuilt GPS. The Deeper PRO+ gives you incredible scanning and mapping from shore, boat, kayak and on the ice, all so you can know like a pro and catch like a pro.




We like :

Good to know :

Light and easy to cast

Set fish alarms for shore fishing or depth alarms as you troll

Ultra fast WiFi connection

All data backed up on our cloud server so you never lose it

15 scans per second

History mode for viewing all scans: all saved scans have location, temp, date, time




2,6 x 2,6 x 2,6 in



3,52 oz


Internal Battery

Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable, 850mAh



Wireless Wi-Fi connection



From iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 to the latest iOS and Android devices


Power Supply input (for charging battery)

Micro USB B type, 5V DC, 450mA max


Power Adapter (not included in the box, recommended)

Input AC 110V/240V. Output Micro USB, 5V 450mA


Sonar Scan rate

Up to 15 scans per second


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 40°C/-4°F to 104°F






How does the Deeper smart sonar Work?

Deeper Smart Sonar is not only just a sonar though. It creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect to with your phone. Afterwards, with the help of the Deeper application, your phone will be used as an information processing device of the sonar. Deeper app uses smart algorithms that identify fish based on the return, and it has many other extremely useful features that help any angler, in any type of fishing.


Can I use my Deeper Smart Sonar for ice fishing?

Yes, you can. Deeper 3.0 as well as PRO and PRO+ models have been specifically engineered for ice fishing use, and there is an ice fishing mode on the app. The specially designed durable casing has been ruggedized to withstand harsh conditions, allowing Deeper sonars to operate perfectly in temperatures as low as -4 F / - 20 C. For ice-fishing, select the Ice Fishing mode in the Deeper App.


Do I need to have two rods to cast my Deeper smart sonar?

No, it is not necessary. Some anglers choose to fish with two rods while using their Deeper smart sonar – with one rod they cast out their Deeper and use it to monitor underwater activity, and with the other rod they cast their bait or jig.


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