Cinemood, portable movie theater for kids

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Cinemood is easy to use with kid-friendly directional button controls. Works as a standalone device — no connection to computer/phone or wall outlet needed.

Origin: United States 

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Your family’s personal movie theater — anytime, anywhere — from the palm of your hand

No more bickering around the remote control! Your little ones will finally have their own home theater. Yes, because a real little revolutionary object will soon appear at home: it's CINEMOOD, the mini portable overhead projector specially designed for children ... and parents too! With such surprise, your "little monsters" will be more than spoiled.


Cinemood, fun with his smart cover

A cube of 8 cm side, all in roundness, at first sight, it has its place in a child's room. But behind this cute gadget is a real powerful projector that has nothing to envy to those big. It can turn any room into a movie theater, and any wall into an XXL screen. The little ones will be able more than ever to savor their moment of relaxation. And, for the CINEMOOD to be even more fun, colorful, and above all well protected, opt for one of the SMART COVER. This accessory is both a support and a kit including carefully selected episodes and educational programs.


The children's wireless projector

Thanks to its size and cute little face, your children can carry CINEMOOD anywhere, even on vacation! No need to connect it, this portable projector has a nice autonomy of 2 hours. To watch their favorite series or cartoon, all they have to do is put it in front of a white wall or a ceiling. Great, is not it? In addition, the whole family will be able to view photo memories in the garden or on the terrace: the day of your wedding, the first steps of your little one ... moments that it is good to see from time to time. Provided of course that children do not monopolize their new gadget!


With cinemood, you choose the playlist

To make sure your kids only watch age-appropriate programs, download the videos or eBooks yourself by connecting CINEMOOD to the home network via WiFi, from a USB device (key, external hard drive) or by Bluetooth. Moreover, thanks to a mobile application, you can send them small video messages, control the mini projector remotely, and even set up periods of use to preserve the eyes of your children. For the little ones, CINEMOOD turns into night light, and will diffuse soft lullabies. He can also tell stories, tales and legends in audio book.


Cinemood, more than a connected mini-projector

At a time when technology rhymes a bit with "each of its own", CINEMOOD is the accessory that allows the whole family to share moments of entertainment together. A family tradition to establish that will be unforgettable memories for years to come. And tell yourself it's never too early to order Christmas gifts or birthday gifts!




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Streams content from anywhere online, including Netflix and YouTube

1-year warranty

Pre-loaded with more than 120 hours of content, including Disney

Multilingual digital library

Download and play your own content with 16GB of internal memory

Internal memory for incredible travel experience




8 x 8 x 8 cm



250 g



CINEMOOD can’t find my flash-drive

1) Make sure that your flash-drive is inserted properly.

2) Try to change the OTG cable.

3) Make sure that your flash-drive is not in the exFAT format. If it’s so, change it to FAT or NTFS formats.


No sound comes out of my CINEMOOD

Use the UP/DOWN buttons to adjust the volume. Make sure that the playable file has a soundtrack.


Blurred image

Adjust the focus! You can do it on the right panel of the mini-cinema CINEMOOD and also in our official application ‘CINEMOOD’, which you can download in Google.Play and Apple Store.


My CINEMOOD doesn’t turn on? What should I do?

This may happen due to low battery. Please plug in your charger, give it some time to charge, and try to turn it on again a little later. If this did not help, please try to change the micro-USB cord. You will surely find another one at home.


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