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Weenect Cats, GPS device for cats

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With Weenect Cats you can find your cat at all times, wherever it is. 

Origin: France  

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

All in all, a well-made bit of kit that does exactly what it needs to.

The device fired up first time, seems to give accurate location info, keeps a log of location every 5 minutes by default, and if the cat loses it in some undergrowth you can get the device to emit a 'ring tone' to help you find it again.

Bought this for our elderly cat who would disappear and cause us real concern. It was wonderful that we could then always know where he was.

Weenect Cats, GPS device for cats
Tax included
Product in stock


Don't lose yout cat !

Track your cat's movements directly on your phone

With Weenect you can live-track your cat wherever it goes, on a map, thanks to the free app. The GPS tracker covers any distance; your cat remains safely within its territory.


Train your cat to walk back inside without moving from your couch

The GPS collar has a training feature adapted to the most daring cats. You'll be able to make the tracker ring or vibrate when it's time to eat, therefore linking the two events in your cat's brain. It then becomes very easy for you to get your cat to come when it's dinner time. You can even call it thanks to the phone feature; it'll run back as soon as it hears your voice!


Discover your cat's secret life

Use the GPS chip to identify your cat's territory and spot its favorite places. Does it visit another family's home? Is it an adventurer or a homebird? All this information is only a few clicks away. Your cat will keep surprising you…


How to use weenect cats?

Scratch your cat indoors

A fan of hide-and-seek? Easily unpack your cat by having its GPS chip ring from your phone or computer. You are sure to win every time.


You find it outside

If your cat goes too far out, find it quickly thanks to the 3 modes of location available from the application: Map (Google Map), Compass and Radar.

Weenect Cats has created an area entry / exit alert so that you know when your cat is going too far away from your home. With the application, set an unlimited number of zones (house, friends, neighbors etc.) and find it very easily!


You talk to him from a distance

Weenect Cats is also the first GPS phone for cat in the world. Wherever you are, you can call him if you miss him or comfort him from your absence. A 10-min package valid for one month is included. You can reload your package on our site. Your tag requires the choice of a package because it is equipped with a sim card. You will have to choose this package once your tag has been received. All packages include: unlimited geolocation, unlimited access to the web platform and mobile application, as well as push and email notifications.