Invoxia Pet Tracker, you can never be really far from your pet

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Invoxia Pet Tracker is a GPS tracker that helps you localize your pet directly on your phone. You just have to fix it on their collar and you are informed on all the important data concerning your pet.

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Track your pet wherever they are

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You just have to strap the Pet Tracker on your pet’s collar and you can track their movements. You will receive notifications on your phone if your pet wanders too far so that you are always informed of where your pet is. The data is sent directly to your phone to help you know their favourite spots to know where to look first if they ever get lost. The device provides activity indicators to help you understand what your pet does when they go for a stroll. You can set virtual fences around specific zones in your app to be notified when your pet goes out of these zones and look after them better. If your pet is lost, you can locate your pet using the mobile app and receive its position on a regular basis.

Learn about your pet’s habits.

You know where your pet is at all times and don’t have to worry about it. You will know your pet’s spots and follow their activity rate. You can see when their habits change and see if there is something wrong going on. The rest index is calculated according to your pet's immobility that happens between 1am and 5am. It can reflect the quality of their sleep and tell you when something is not normal. You are also informed when your pet goes for a walk as the tracker detects when your pet has been walking or running for more than 2 minutes. 

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Never be left out of what your pet is doing

You receive a notification when the battery level falls below 20% so you can easily charge the tracker with the included USB cable in just 90 minutes. The Pet Tracker gives you your pet position every 3 to 10 minutes as soon as they start moving and you can follow the history of where they went on the app.

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We love :

To know :

Easy to put on 

Know their favorite spots

Data received on your phone

Inform you about their habits

Creation of virtual fences

Battery charged in 90 minutes




42 x 24 x 17 mm


15 g


Up to 1 m

Battery life

1 to 3 months


Does the tracker work in real time? 

The trackers are not build for a real time use but every 3, 5 and 10 minutes according to your preferences. This allows you to have a great autonomy. Pet Tracker is not only a GPS tracker for pets, it also follows the activity of your pet giving you indications on their health.

How are the points generated in the tracker?

The points are generated when the tracker is moving.

How can I attach the Pet Tracker on my pet's collar?

It is very important that the Pet Tracker is fixed correctly on your pet's collar to prevent it from falling when you need to localize your pet and so that your pet doesn't bite it.


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