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Homido MiniVery easy to use, "mini" makes virtual reality accessible to all. Simply clip the glasses on your smartphone and launch a VR app to immerse yourself in a virtual world.

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The Homido Mini is a totally original VR solution. Unlike its big brother or most helmets on the market, the Homido Mini holds in the pocket.

It comes in the form of a simple pair of glasses, foldable, without branch but with a notch to install its smartphone.

The Homido Mini is, as its name suggests, a miniature variant of the existing product. It is no longer a helmet, but a pair of virtual reality glasses.


The installation is very simple:

Unfold the glasses and ...
Install the smartphone in the notch provided for this purpose.

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Use the mini homido:

The easiest way to start is to go to the Google Cardboard app to find content and 360 games or to go to Youtube to find 360 videos (use advanced search).

Then install the smartphone on the glasses.

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The notch must be positioned very precisely in the middle of the screen. You can easily adjust its position without being afraid to scratch the screen thanks to the presence of a rubber band on the points of contact with the screen.

In addition to being affordable, this pair of glasses is foldable, making it a pocket virtual reality solution, very easy to implement.



- Height: 55 mm

- Length: 66 mm
- Width: 16,5 mm
- Weight: 22 grams
- Foldable
- Custom-made lenses (30mm diameter)

- Hundreds of compatible apps (see Homido Center)

- Watch 360 ° videos, 3D content, Youtube and more ...





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A minimalist and affordable experience

Very simple installation

Compatible with most smartphones
Folding glasses
Virtual reality to share



What is immersive video?

You are no longer a spectator, you take part in the action by being at the center of the content. A new way to relive his best moments.

On a simple computer or smartphone screen, these videos allow the user to discover scenes at 360 degrees, moving with the cursor of his mouse or fingertips on a phone, right, left, Up or down. The off-field disappears. Instead of simply viewing a video, the user experiences an immersive and interactive experience.

What is immersive photography?

Capture the entire 360 ° scene, and relive the grace of your Homido virtual reality headset.



Headphones Type: Virtual Reality Headphones
Compatible with: Smartphone
Wired: No
Virtual Reality: Yes
360 ° Video: Yes
Special features: Very simple installation

Color: White and black
Plastic material
Comfort: Part of the rubber clip to not scratch your smartphone / Foldable glasses

Dedicated applications: Homido Center

Weight (kg): 220.0 g

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