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Spinali Jeans offers you a new experience in the use of the garment to bring you new sensations.

Origin: France 

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Equipped with two vibrating sensors at the belt, connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, it offers you new features in your daily environment.
The geo-localization function allows you to vibrate on the right or left side of your jeans to guide you in your urban journeys when you move.
It is thus easier and more natural to use the technology to be guided to its places of your meetings or to find its vehicle for example.

More fun functions called "Ping", will satisfy all the people who want to interact with their entourage by a personalized vibration in duration, frequency and intensity. Useful, when you want to attract the attention of a person in discretion or for new uses in Open Space or for students for example.
The system can also be programmed to inform you if you are late.
Thanks to its integrated pushbutton, there are many uses for this garment of the future: security alert, home support, geolocation of children, problem of the isolated worker etc.

Fight against burn out

It is especially in the search for a solution to fight the burn out that the system will prove very interesting for active executives among others. Indeed, the associated application makes it possible to parameterize its emails to only vibrate the sensors in the case of a really important information.
This makes it possible to avoid consulting his phone permanently and thus to put a technological layer between his connected life (mail, sms, telephone, chat ...) and his need for concentration and rest while maintaining an availability for the " (Emergency message from her children, receipt of vital information for example).
The system comes with an application to make a point about its own risk of burn out and its living areas.

And matter becomes alive

The integration of the electronics in the fabric allows to offer a new experience in the use of the garment.
The tissue becomes alive and takes care of interacting with the connected world to bring you new sensations.
Vibrant Connected Jeans: a new method for linking digital and design, interesting for women and men anchored in new technologies, but also attracting those who are not yet with this new creative and high project of the range.

The connected jeans vibrating

In order to optimize the battery, the Vibrating Connected Jeans have been programmed to stay in standby mode when not in use. As soon as you wear them, they wake up and connect to your smartphone.

If you do not wear them, they go back to sleep.

The Vibrant Connected Jeans has even been specially programmed to be able to detect if it is in a washing machine to stay in standby even if it is moving in the course of washing.

So the Vibrant Connected Jeans can be used, with all of its connected functions, for four years (if worn once a week) without having to change the battery.

Made in France

SPINALI DESIGN remains faithful to its top-of-the-range and revitalizes the jeans industry in France!
Design, application development (for Android smartphone and IOS) and medical research are done in Mulhouse.
It was in Alsace that jeans was developed.
Fabrics, clothing and electronics are produced in France.
Several models of jeans, such as a skirt, two pants, two shorts and two jackets, have been carefully designed to satisfy all active people.
The range also opens to men with jeans specially designed for active temperaments.

Be beautiful, be rebellious, be yourself

True to its slogan and to leave the shots of the perfect woman, the SPINALI DESIGN brand continues to use only non - retouched photos to promote its Connected Vibrant Jeans: a new policy for women to ban their complexes, Between them finds its place within the brand!

To choose your size, please indicate the size of your choice when placing your order in the comments bar (Sizes from 34 to 44)




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Equipped with two vibrating sensors at the belt Comes with the application (IOS / Android)
Guides you in your urban journeys

If you do not wear them, they go back to sleep and go to sleep

Set your mails to only vibrate the sensors in case of really important information
Can be used with all of its connected functions for four years (if worn once a week) without having to change the battery


What is IAGO?

IAGO is the true brain of your intelligent clothing Spinali Design. In connection with your account, it is he who has the elements allowing you to have a unique user experience in the use of Neviano and Connected Creations.


SD Connect is the communication protocol developed by Spinali Design. It manages the link between the electronic chip and the digital and technological environment.

The SD Connect protocol is part of Spinali design's desire to improve the user experience. A game of instruction, request and exchange management makes it possible to take control of the electronic environment integrated in the textile.






IOS and Android


Size from 34 to 44






Alerts, meetings, games, mode advice, notifications


60% Viscose, 35% Polyamide et 5% Spandex








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