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Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector

  • Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector
  • Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector
  • Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector
Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector
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DMB Tyxal+, a wireless motion detector with infrared detection. Enrich your alarm with Tyxal + detectors.

Origin: France 

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The Delta Dore alarm is quite easy to set up.<br /> Adding a motion detector is quite easy.

Tyxal+ DMB, the smart motion detector
Tax included
Product in stock


TYXAL+ DMB uses infrared (heat) to detect any moving presence in the room.

It has 2 removable lenses:

- nº 1: standard (fitted on the product supplied).

- nº 2: animal immunity (does not detect animals up to a certain size, or household appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners).


How to optimize the detections of my Tyxal + DMB detector equipped with the animal immunity lens?

To optimize the detections of the DMB Tyxal + detector equipped with the animal immunity lens, the following points must be respected:


- The installation height plays a lot on the detection sensitivity according to the area to be monitored. We recommend a height of 2m20.


- The detector must be positioned in a room where clearance is sufficient:


Size of the room> 9m²

> 3m wide

> 3m in length

To prevent the alarm from being triggered when your pet passes, Delta Dore has designed volumetric detectors specially adapted to not react to their presence. These motion detectors are provided with an immune lens to animals up to 45kg.

The alarm will not be triggered in their presence.


The lens present in this motion detector works like a conventional lens and can therefore trigger your alarm in case of intrusion into your home.


The operation of this detector is based on temperature variations (infrared energy) in a room and plays on the height of the detected presence. The animal immunity lens will therefore adjust its infrared energy recovery in order to detect both the displacement of a human being during a possible intrusion and not to detect an animal.



Good to know :


- The animal immunity lens acts as a detection filter on the motion detector. The standard lens allows for increased detection in the room.

- The difference between the body temperature and that of the room can affect the sensitivity of the detection.