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Soliom S100 Solar Outdoor Security Camera

  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
  • Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night
Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Solar Outdoor Security Camera Home Surveillance WiFi Camera with Spotlight Color Night

The Soliom S100 security camera has a built-in 8700mAh battery and a large built-in solar panel. The current produced by the solar panel is 450mA/2.5W per hour under direct sunlight. It offers color videos at nightfall, a projector lights up to deter intruders. Ability to view details to identify people, vehicles, and other objects with a wider 120° view and 1080p high definition. PIR motion detection technology. 100% wireless and simple installation. Soliom S100 is compatible with a micro SD card of up to 64 GB. All recorded videos can be replayed via the Soliom+ app. Access the camera for live view and remote playback via your iOS and Android phones. Possibility of sharing with your family members to view it simultaneously.

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Soliom S100 Solar Outdoor Security Camera
Product in stock

Product Description

Soliom try to make outdoor security camera becoming simple and easy

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Soliom S100 outdoor security camera is well-designed wireless cameras for home security, featuring two-way audio, remote access via Soliom+ free app, IP66 waterproof, and easy installation.

Enhanced Antenna

Soliom S100 security cameras use the enhanced antenna 5DB to improve the wifi signal reception capability, amplify the Wi-Fi signal range to cover more area compared to other battery cameras in the market. The outdoor security camera comes with all the necessary tools in the box that can be installed and adjusted easily for any angle.

1080P Full HD day time Video & bright Spotlight clear video at night

With image processing technology, S100 outdoor security camera provides you vivid and clear videos up to 1920*1080p.

Built-in 4 white LEDs will be turned on automatically at night when the solar security camera was triggered by motion.

For energy-saving and transmission smoothness, the definition of the live view or videos saved to the cloud is Standard definition(SD/720P) by default, you can choose the resolution from SD(720P) to HD(1080P) by clicking ”Default resolution”, never miss anything important.

Videos saved to micro sd card are high definition as default. All saved videos can be play backed from APP. (Micro sd card not included in the package)

Warm Notice:

1.Install easily and connect stably via 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz (NOT SUPPORT 5G 802.11 ac Wi-Fi)

2.Support micro SD card in FAT32 Format and with class 10 Read and Write speed or high level. 8GB to 64GB card is suggested. (Not included)

3.Only work with Soliom+ APP

4.Only compatible with iOS and Android smartphone & tablet

5.Camera can not set notification time schedule

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The S100 outdoor security camera has featured a 120° wide viewing angle lens and a 155° PIR range, PIR range up to 26ft. Its 0.7s quick trigger speed and New technology PIR sensor allow you to catch any movements with almost no false alarms.

The video length of PIR activities saved in cloud storage is 10s-20s or 30s by default to save the capacity of the memory card.

The video length of PIR activities saved in the micro SD card can be set to 15s-30s-60s or always recording, you could set it in the app as you need.

Do not recommend 24/7 continuous recording, S100 outdoor battery camera designed as motion detection recording.(Always recording can be set from Soliom+ app to record to micro sd card, but the camera will consume battery power fast, you'll need to customize a power source for this purpose)

Soliom S100 Solar security camera,100% Wire-free, Outdoor security camera wireless wi-fi for outside yard use.

  • 100% cordless and wiring hassles: Be sure to install the camera within a good 2.4GHz Wi-fi signal range for a smooth live viewing or playback.
  • Faster and Sensitive PIR Sensor: 0.7s trigger speed and send timely and accurate notifications to your smart device.
  • Free Soliom+ App: Live view, playback and download all recorded videos through the app directly. (It won't allow download micro sd card video clips to your phone currently)
  • Easy installation: Recommend installation height is 8 feet approx. This will give you both a good PIR detection range and a good field of view.

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Soliom S100 home surveillance cameras wireless & light up

With 4 White LED lights, Soliom S100 outdoor security camera captures colorful crystal-clear videos with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and lets you see detail-rich images even in low-light environments with spotlight.

Light up your home, make your home security system easier

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Easy & Quick Installation

Just install the S100 outdoor camera within several minutes. Reduce professional installation expenses.

Warms Tips:

Select an area that receives at least 1-3 hours of direct sunlight every day to ensure the battery is able to stay charged every day and you won’t have to charge it manually.

Don’t install the wifi camera far from your WiFi router. Always keep a close eye on the signal level icon on the live-view screen.

Do not install the outdoor security camera in a busy area so as to reduce motions to activate the camera and consume battery power quickly.

Secure Cloud and Flexible Storage

Soliom S100 cameras for home security support max 128GB SD card or record to Soliom Cloud to avoid the risk of losing footage. Watch your property or pets at home while at work or at night with Soliom security camera system.

Warm Tips:

1.Cloud Storage is only free for the first month.

2.You could also use a micro SD card for storage locally.

Voice Instructions for Pair Up Camera

Use the camera lens to scan the QR code showing on your mobile phone to pair the S100 security camera outdoor wireless wifi, you will be guided by the voice prompt instructions from Soliom+app step by step to pair up your camera.

Warm tips:

1. The S100 security camera is only compatible with the new app: soliom+

2.The wireless wifi camera can only support 2.4Ghz wifi. Not support 5G wifi.

3.It's ok to use Cell phone 4G data to live view it after the camera was setup with 2.4g Wi-Fi router.

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Important information

Safety Information

Pair up trouble shooting: 1.Make sure you fully charged the camera for 12 hours.(Low power will not pair up successfully) 2.Please note that there's no indicator to show a charging process,you can only check the power status from the app after you paired it up. 3.Please connect the 2.4gHZ wifi to your phone firstly. 4.Please turn your phone volume to the max,the camera pair according to sound wave. 5.Please try to put the camera,phone near to your router to get a strong 2.4g wifi signal,please do not hide your SSID. 6.Make sure you have good signal between camera and router as you might need a WIFI range extender depending on how far you are away, the less signal you get and will cause freezing when trying to view live stream or capture a pic. 7.If you can not go through the pair up process,please reset the camera as below: Please power on the camera and press and hold on the reset button until you saw a green light on and release it and then you'll hear: system's reset.(Please do not hold on the reset button for a long time to power off the camera but not reset)