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Omnifit Brain, improve your brain condition

  • Omnifit Brain
  • Omnifit Brain
  • Omnifit Brain
Omnifit Brain
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Try OMNIFIT Brain when you need to concentrate on study or work. It collects and analyzes brain-wave (EEG) through world-class reliable EEG sensor equipment.

Origin: Korea 

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Omnifit Brain, improve your brain condition
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Improving learning ability enabled

Don't be frustrated anymore! Know exactly why you can't keep your attentional focus and learn to move the right muscle to keep focused with the brain mirror, OMNIFIT Brain.


Know your brain condition better

Omnifit Brain will display your concentration levels and point out stresses you may be unaware of in just one minute! Learn how to keep your concentration levels up without forcing, or stressing yourself too much by playing a neurofeedback game


Study made easy

Stay focused longer and at ease, with Omnifit Brain's A.I study mate feature


Get customized healing solutions

Omnifit Brain will provide appropriate healing solutions to real-time condition checks


Anytime and anywhere

Beautifully designed wearable brain sensor band with integrated HQ earphone works with mobile phone apps. So easy to take it everywhere that you can take care of yourself everyday