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Use Skulpt to measure your body fat percentage and get a personalized workout plan to burn fat and build muscle.

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Measure what really matters to train smarter



Get your own personalized fitness trainer that will give you fitness and nutrition guidance based on your unique physiology. The Skulpt Chisel leverages science-driven techniques, previously available to elite athletes, to optimize your workouts based on your body type. Turn your data into achievable action for real results. Skulpt is able to provide customized fitness and nutrition guidance based on a person’s unique physiology. It is able to take and record accurate measurements of muscle quality and fat percentage for 24 muscle groups. Skulpt also provides detailed tracking of progress, with adjustments to guidance over time and fitness and nutrition notifications to keep you motivated.


Backed by science

Measure muscle quality and fat percentage directly and accurately with the Skulpt Scanner. See your results, and learn which muscle groups need strengthening for peak performance, with the Skulpt App.


A System that works

The App also delivers workout advice tailored to your physique and goals. We'll start by helping you achieve a more balanced physique. As you advance, experienced trainers on our advisory panel provide guidance more specific to your personal goals.


Why measure muscle quality?

Muscle Quality tells you when your muscles are getting leaner, well before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles, Skulpt products help you optimize your training based on a detailed, accurate, up-to-date score for each of 24 locations.


Increasing your muscle quality

Strength train your way to a high Muscle Quality. Measure individual muscles with the Skulpt Scanner, know which areas need more work, and reach your peak performance, more efficiently.


What’s in the box?

1x Skulpt Scanner

1x Charging cradle

1x Spray water bottle

Access to workout advice via the Skulpt App




We like :

Good to know :

Easy to be used

Water resistance

Measure overall body fat percentage quickly and accurately

Clean and dry the Aim regularly using a damp cloth. Do not use any chemical-based cleaners to clean your Aim

Measure local fat percentage in 24 different areas

Workout guidance to burn fat and build muscle strength for overall improved physique



Skulpt aim dimensions

4.30 x 2.60 x 0.79 in


Charging cradle dimensions

2,70 x 3,40 x 1,20 in


Skulpt aim weight

5,3 oz


Charging cradle weight

2,6 oz


Battery life

1-2 weeks on a single 10 hour charge


Charging time

A full charge takes 10 hours



ZAMAK 3 (Zinc Alloy) with Rhodium or Gold top plating



IOS 8+ and Android 4.3 or later versions





Operating temperature

32° to 104° F


This device is water-resistant



45-Day money-back guarantee



0ne year limited warranty



Can the scanner be used for multiple people?

If you want to share your Chisel with another person, get them to download the Skulpt app on their own phone and sign up as a new user to create their personal account.

When the app asks them to pair the Chisel, they should follow the prompts on the app to do so.

If you then want to use the device again, just tap "Pair Device" on your app's Settings menu and re-pair it with your phone. You can do this as many times as you'd like, and with as many phones (users) as you'd like.

If the other user doesn't want to create their own profile to save their results over time, but instead just wants to borrow your device to take a measurement or two, then tap the "Guest Mode" option on your app, so your guest can measure themselves without storing their data to your app.


How do I charge my aim?

We currently have two models of the Aim (Aim and Aim 2). If you purchased your device after February 2016, you likely have the Aim 2 model. Both models are very similar, though we have made some improvements to the battery of the Aim 2 model and this will impact how you charge your device.


How do I switch between users?

Right on your Aim, you can scroll down in the menu to find “Switch User." Then scroll down to find the user you want to switch to.


Is my information safe?

Yes! Your profile information and measurements will not be shared.


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