Lollipop, the smart camera that looks after your baby

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Lollipop is a smart camera that looks after your baby and sends you notifications that you can preset and lets you see what’s going on.

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Watch over your baby when you are not in the room

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The Lollipop camera is a device with a high quality of image and audio sensors that can differentiate noises from your kid’s cries. You receive alerts on your phone to inform you of what is going on. You can also set a limit inside the camera’s angles to follow your kid’s movements. If something happens outside the limits you set, you would be informed.

Keep and share your data as you want

The device keeps a record of your baby’s data. If you kid cries at the same time or something bothers him, the use of the Lollipop camera can collect data and help you understand what is going on. You can also invite your friends and family to watch over your baby with a link to the livestream of the Lollipop camera or send a link to a pre-recorded video of a specific event. The camera records 30 seconds videos so if something unusual happens, you can go back and watch them to understand what happened.

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Streaming options

You can have access to a multi-streaming platform with up to four cameras at the same time. If you have more than one baby to watch over, you can use this feature to have all your videos playing in the same place and not worry about anything. You can also activate the audio only option to turn the Lollipop camera into an audio monitor. This is great to watch over your baby at night.

Parenthood with piece of mind

You can activate a confidential mode to make sure the data from the camera is not downloaded on the cloud. The LED camera also offers a great image quality day and night to be able to watch without worry what happens even when your kid sleeps at night. You can decide which type of notification you want to receive on your smartphone to watch the live stream or video of events that happened. 

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Collect data 

Multi-videos option

Share videos and live stream

Live stream

Detects if your child cries

Night vision




27 x 7 x 2 cm


181 gr

Sensor specs

CMOS SONY IMX.225, 1/3", 1,27 megapixels


H.264, 720P 30 images/second

Vision field

128° Diagonal





Working temperature

0°C - 40°C


How does Lollipop Baby Camera work?

Connect the monitor to your Wi-Fi and download the app for Lollipop Baby Camera and you can see the instant feed of the baby with HD quality. Push notifications will be sent should the camera detect unusual conditions.

Can I connect the camera with my mobile hotspot?

Mobile hotspot is not recommended to connect with the camera as it is more unstable than the Wi-Fi network.

Where can I install Lollipop Baby Camera?

You can install the camera wherever you feel inclined with our unique toxic-free sillicon tail. When the baby is around 0~8 month, we suggest that you wrap it around the cot. When the baby is around 9~36 months, we suggest that you use our wall mount to place the camera in the living room or playroom for further instant feedback of the baby.


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