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D-Heart, the ultra accurate ECG monitor

  • D-Heart, the pocket ECG monitor
  • D-Heart, the pocket ECG monitor
  • D-Heart, the pocket ECG monitor
  • D-Heart, the pocket ECG monitor
D-Heart, the pocket ECG monitor

D-Heart is a ECG monitor connected to your smartphone that gives you accurate heart rate data. You can take it with you and receive immediate feedback from a doctor.

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D-Heart, the ultra accurate ECG monitor
Product in stock


A smartphone ECG


D-Heart is a smartphone ECG that allows you to record a correct ECG anywhere and anytime with high-precision. It is designed for all users, you don’t need to have a medical background needed. The device is portable and the free app will guide you to take the ECG. D-Heart allows you to track your heart health, to explain possible unclear symptoms or to monitor the efficacy of your medications. It is a very light device so you can take it with you.

Receive feedback from your doctor

You can receive immediate feedback from a cardiologist if you send the results to the 24/7 tele-cardiology service or to your trusted doctor. It’s your task to record an ECG whenever you have symptoms, to share it with your trusted physician and to establish a shared decision making process with your doctor. D-Heart records a multiple-leads ECG that allow accurate recognition of possible heart conditions. Run a perfect D-Heart ECG on your smartphone and report it to your cardiologist or telecardiology service for a report.


Easy to use

To record a medical grade ECG you need to record with electrodes the heart electrical activity at specific locations on your chest. The image-processing guides you to the make correct electrode's placement by showing your own chest picture with virtual marks placed where you should stick the electrodes. You just need to imitate your own image to get the perfect ECG. The patented cable exit system prevents you from inverting the cables. You can charge the device directly in the case. It recharges by contact while resting inside its case, where you can find the electrodes to record your ECG.