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Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend

  • Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
  • Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
  • Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
  • Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
  • Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
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Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is an entertaining and engaging robot toy that can help pets with separation anxiety, depression, lethargy, obesity and other health-related issues.

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Finally, this is exactly what I was looking for! A decent interactive toy bot for my dog with a case cover included that’s pretty sturdy for my boxer. Simple, quick, and easy to setup and maneuver. Honestly the quality of the product is worth it and I would buy this again for my pet and as a present for family or friends. I am very satisfied with the product for this price!

It only took a short time to read the instructions and install the app. Then I practiced with the functions for a while. My cat took to it right away. I thought he would take a while to understand what it was. He followed it around waiting for the next treat to come out. As expected it is a great way to let your pet exercise and get a reward at the same time.

I like this robot because it's easy to use. My dog goes crazy when he hears the treat sound. My corgi plays rough, and he loves throwing toys, but with varram he can toss it around and it does not break. The app is easy to download. There are so many options that the robot can do. We love it, and so glad that there is a robot for my dog.

Varram Pet Fitnes, your pet's best friend
Product in stock





Made with pets and pet parents in mind

Be worry free! Pets can lick, bite, and not be afraid of the robot.

Made with the strongest polycarbonate material and included with a VARRAM case as an added layer of protection and safety.


Automatic drive

Avoids obstacles and plays with your pets. It can move in various motions and make sounds to engage them as well. Freely adjust speed, sound, and movements based on your pet’s reactions.


Scheduling times

Aside from Manual Play Mode, you can schedule play times and treat tossing times with the Scheduling feature.


How much fun did your pet have?

Monitor your pet's activity to see how often your pet engages with the VARRAM Pet Fitness.


Manual Play

Easily control with the VARRAM App. Move around with a virtual joystick and choose from a variety of preset motions. And with a tap away, you can toss treats and play various sounds to engage your pet!