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Why meditation is so important for better sense of focus and attention

Why meditation is so important for better sense of focus and attention


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In today’s digital era, meditation has gained a huge admiration. To bring some balance back to your world and decrease the stress levels in your life, you need to meditate more often.

24 hours work connectivity and digital gadgets overload at home made us more stressed than ever before. Besides these work routines and digital overload there are also other factors like traffic jams, public speaking, heavy workloads, and financial and relationship troubles trigger the stress in our daily life.

Once the threat of stress is relieved, our body can take up to an hour to return to normal state. Keeping this in mind, we can say that we spend a considerable amount of time in stress stage. This condition can lead us to both short and long-term health implications like poor immunity, anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, high blood pressure, poor sleep, fatigue, and burnout.

According to World Health Organization, prediction within a decade burnout would be a global pandemic. Meditation can act as a circuit breaker for this nonstop life style and gives both the mind and body a chance to recharge. “To meditate is a natural antidote to stress”.

How meditation is helpful?

Besides body, psychological benefits of meditation are countless. The more you meditate the more you experience its benefits. Significant benefits are:

  • ·       Increase in focus and attention
  • ·       Increased productivity
  • ·       Improved learning and memory
  • ·       Higher self-confidence
  • ·       Enhanced emotional stability
  • ·       Increased compassion
  • ·       Reduced anger
  • ·       Reduction in negative thoughts
  • ·       Positive personal relationships
  • ·       Dealing with problems easily
  • ·       Decreased physical tension
  • ·       Lower blood pressure
  • ·       Stronger immune system
  • ·       Higher energy level
  • ·       Improved sleep quality



How often to meditate?

The answer of this question is up to you that how often you should meditate. There are various different suggestions for how long you should meditate, as well as the duration for how long you should meditate. Some people find it useful from sitting once every day, while others prefer a short session in the morning or evening. Sitting more than once a day stops you from overthinking and keeps your mind calm so it can resist stress effectively. According to searched very little amount of meditation can be helpful but the key is consistency.

20 minutes of regular meditation daily can lower the adverse effects of stress. Mindfulness-based stress reduction typically recommend practicing meditation for 40-50 minutes per day but if you cannot spare much time than 15-20 minutes regular practice can also leave considerable positive effects on your body.

Ways to meditate

There are plenty of methods to start; starters can use youtube videos for guidance, you can download an app, or consult any physical training center specializing in meditation techniques. If you prefer to meditate at home than remember to be isolated, switch off your phones, close the door and prefer a peaceful and comfortable location. Meditation at the same time daily is advised to get the best results as this routine establishes a healthy routine in your daily life.

Digital solution for meditation

In spite of the fact, digital over usage is one of the major cause of stress in our daily life. Digital gadgets like kasina mind media offers meditation that can help to relax in few minutes.

Kasina term refers to an ancient technique that uses visuals and sound system to focus the mind. It can help in positive mood shifts. Choose a peaceful point in your home or room, get a comfortable position, put on your earphones, choose a session of your choice, put on the Ganz frames and your mind will tune with the frequency of session you chose.

It is very easy to use – plug and play. You do not need an instructor for that and you do not need to go in any coaching center for that.

After few days you would be able to which session is suitable for you and at which time you should meditate to get the best results. 

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