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The importance of measuring the quality of the indoor air

The importance of measuring the quality of the indoor air


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Air quality monitors: find out about the level of pollution in your home

Indoor pollution is a very real problem, which presents sizeable challenges. Many pollutants hide in the air and are easily inhaled if you do not take proper precautions.

This results in a multitude of health problems, especially in the most fragile people. Especially for children, the elderly, people with allergies or people with respiratory problems.

Concretely, poor indoor air quality can first lead to the development of chronic diseases. It is therefore crucial to maintain good air quality at home and in the office.

Having a good air quality monitor will help you take the necessary steps to avoid these problems. Having a good air quality monitor will help you see more clearly by providing you with measurements of the air that is at a given time T in a given room in your home. Knowing what's in the air can give you peace of mind, reveal sources of pollution, and help you take action. Air monitor sensors accurately assess the level of fine particulate matter, and measure the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde in furniture. Here are some of our favorite detectors:

The Kaiterra Laser Egg + Chemical, with its easy-to-use app, reliable and intuitive information, also tracks your home's temperature and humidity. The Laser Egg + Chemical uses optical sensors that count individual particles in the air. It also shares 140,000 data points captured from Laser Egg with researchers and institutions around the world, so they can get information on pollutants around the world. Laser Egg users can view this data and export their own data from the Kaiterra app in eight different languages.

If you don’t need smart features or apps and just want to be able to consult a monitor for the air condition in your home, then we recommend the Temtop 10 is the perfect solution for you! Like the Kaiterra, it monitors particulate and gaseous pollutants. Its difference: it doesn't offer Wi-Fi connectivity, so it doesn't have a companion app, let alone smart functionality. This is not a weakness, however, just a different approach to air quality monitoring, and much more economical than other products.

You will also find the Atmotube 2.0, the portable monitor. You can check the measurements on your smartphone and take it with you wherever you go. Atmotube connects to your phone with Bluetooth. All real-time air parameter measurements are accessible from the application on your smartphone. The sensors inside Atmotube monitor the air around you and alert you when the environment is unsafe. It's the first truly personal, most affordable and compact air quality tracker that you can always take with you. The solid titanium layer makes Atmotube resistant to damage. This urban style device is a great addition to your lifestyle. Atmotube is an innovative, portable, technologically advanced device that is designed to be an integral part of your lifestyle.

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