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What is the best acne treatment at home?

What is the best acne treatment at home?


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Almost everyone is looking for the best acne treatment at home especially teens who have this issue. Your dermatologist has various ways that he can consider to get rid of your acne. If you want to treat your acne at home, many remedies are being practiced for a long time like there are countless creams, antibiotics, and chemical peels. In spite of all these methods sometimes, you do not get the required results.

For some sort of stubborn acne, there comes a treatment called phototherapy or light therapy. Different sort of light is used to kill the bacteria on your skin that causes acne.

How does phototherapy treat acne?

Usually, acne produces in tiny holes in your skin called pores. There is an oil-producing gland in each pore to keep your skin healthy. Sometimes this oil, dirt that gathers in your pores, and skin dead cells do not come out of the skin, are trapped inside the pores, and block them. A special type of bacteria named Propionibacterium also stated as P.acnes lives on your skin and penetrates inside these jammed pores. These bacteria make the blocked pores swell up into bumps called acne.

Light therapy is the most effective way to kill such bacteria and clear up these bumps or pimples. P. acnes is much sensitive to certain types of lights, when you strike a beam of light on this bacteria on your skin, toxic substances are formed and kill that bacterium. Another effect of light therapy is that it shrinks the oil glands inside your skin so less pore-blocking oil is produced. This mechanism makes phototherapy the best acne treatment.

Which light treats acne?

Doctors in the near past were using ultraviolet (UV) light, like radiation coming from the sun. UV light clears the skin at once but it also damages skin cells which can lead to cancer. Now doctors instead of UV use certain wavelengths of blue and red light. This wavelength of blue and red light kills acne-causing bacteria without damaging the skin.

How is phototherapy treated?

Phototherapy treats mild to moderate acne; you should avoid staying in the sun. You are also advised to stop using certain types of skin-care products. There are also a few medicines that you should take before your treatment to make your skin more sensitive to light therapy, these medicines are called photosensitizers.

Phototherapy combined with the medicine is called photodynamic therapy or PDT. It clears the acne faster than the light alone. During phototherapy, you sit in front of an LED light panel for about 15 to 30 minutes. These lights may be blue, red, or both blue and red.

The best devices for acne treatment at home

A few years back it was a hectic procedure because you had to visit your dermatologist for such treatments but with the passage of time, some very effective acne treatment devices were built to get rid of your pimples and acne at your home.

There are a few home devices for phototherapy at home, which are FDA-approved to treat mild to moderate acne. Such devices use blue or red light wavelengths or both.

How much does it cost?

The cost of light therapy for acne depends on various factors. If you purchase any acne treatment device for home or if you go to the dermatologist clinic for treatment. Purchasing a device is affordable and makes it the best acne treatment at home rather than going to your doctor’s clinic. The at-home treatment makes it easier as you will have to it on a consistent basis.

Revive light therapy clinical acne treatment device

Revive light therapy clinical acne treatment device is one of the best devices to treat acne at home. It shows results within days, LED light in this device destroys the acne-causing bacteria fast using the same technology as was used by the professionals and physicians to combat acne issues. A non-invasive and cost-effective LED facial light therapy occurs by penetrating deep into the skin, purifying the blocked pores of the skin, and improving the skin tone. Revive light therapy acne treatment device soothes the inflammation, minimizes the blockage of the pores, and calms redness for clear, healthier, and younger skin. This innovative acne treatment tool purifies the skin and stabilizes the oil glands to control future acne flare-ups.

This device is specially designed for convenient use at home making it the best acne treatment device at home

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