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For a better air quality at home


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Air quality is a major issue in 2021. In addition, we are more aware of the dangers we face. Even at home, you could breathe toxins, chemicals, dust, and more that could have serious repercussions in the future.

So what can we do? Fortunately, there are hundreds of products that can improve the air quality in your home. So you need a way to analyze the air quality before you can fix it. This is where air quality monitors come in. They use sensors to know exactly what's in the air you breathe so you can take action to improve it. Indoor air quality monitors are also a great way to protect yourself against asthma attacks and breathing problems.

At OneFantasticShop, we offer you several choices of air quality monitors. Among other things you can find there the new LaserEgg 2. It uses laser-based light scattering to measure particles as they enter devices and calculates the concentration of PM2.5 based on these measurements. This allows for extremely fast data, with high precision readings calculated every 0.1 seconds.

You can therefore improve the air in your home and take control of your interior by connecting your Laser Egg to Wi-Fi, then (optionally) pair it with other compatible connected devices in your home.

Thanks to a built-in battery, the monitor can be placed anywhere - in the kitchen, in the workshop, in the factory, in your company office or even on the dashboard of your car.

Only through reliable fine dust measurement would it be possible to subsequently take effective measures to combat air pollution.

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