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7 best travel accessories that you must keep in 2022

7 best travel accessories that you must keep in 2022


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Travel accessories have become a must thing to keep as in the last few decades tourism has become a compulsion. This hectic lifestyle and daily routine demands a break and a wondrous escape to an environment that you have never been to before are said to be the most effective therapy to relax your mind.

Traveling has a particular impact of its own whether it is a long flight, train ride, or car ride to the nearest airport. Your journey starts when you start packing your travel bag and start considering your traveling essentials. If your trip did not go well or smooth it can leave a long-lasting sour taste in your mind. You meet different people of different lifestyle preferences so it can also be an addition to your traveling tiredness.

With all other aspects where technology has to widen its wings, there are also modernized and customized gadgets that are now and must be considered the most essential travel accessories. Whether you need a good night’s sleep, you need to take care of your skin, or you are facing energy issues in remote areas where you are planning to go on vacation. Here is our guide to the best travel essentials or travel gadgets.

The Luggage Tracker

The luggage tracker is the most important travel gadget among all the traveling essentials.

If you are planning to travel this season, you need a luggage tracker in your travel bag. This minor device allows you a joyous and stress-free vacation period as mishandling of luggage, theft, or loss of luggage is a serious concern. According to a travel consumer report in April 2022, there are 220000 mishandling of reports of traveling bags. It is pretty high than the same month last year.

One of the best luggage trackers is E-Lostbag Premium. Place this tracking device in your bags, avoid any external alteration during the delivery, and connects with your smartphone for stress-free and effective use.

E-lostbag luggage tracker allows you to make your belongings identifiable to all airlines as they have a distinctive collaboration with lost and found services. It uses a new technology “the Bluetooth low energy” so the owner can have more effective and consistent interaction with the luggage.

The most important feature of E-lostbag is the interaction with the NoL (Network of Luggage); it is used to provide a GPS position without a subscription.

When your luggage is on the carousel, it informs you on your smartphone. You also are notified when your luggage is 15 meters away from you.

E lost bag alerts you if your travel luggage is theft if you forgot your belongings, or if you lost your bag

Phone Charger + Solar Lantern


If you are fond of traveling, you must have a solar phone charger.

Those were the time when solar power meant a giant industrial alternative to energy. Then it was visualized as expensive long metallic plates on the roofs of houses. Now you can have a solar charger more affordably with you. Even you can carry it in your travel bag which makes it one of the most important travel accessories now in 2022. You can have it when on a hike when you are camping, or even while you travel.

Packlite max is the best option of all many other solar products available. It packs flat for easy carrying while you travel and charging when you are on the go. When you are camping alone or with family, you can light up the camping area that will also provide you energy source when you need it the most. Quite soothing LED light on turbo mode that lantern can provide to 150 lumens. It has a backup of 50 hours on low mode. It recharges with solar power or you can charge it through the USB port.

It is a solar phone charger with a light source at night, and definitely, it is one of the most valuable travel accessories. 

Hydration reminder bottle

If you can have the de-hydration solution in your travel accessories, that is an important thing to have in your bag. It is not advised to go on a long-distance trip destination without being prepared. Long traveling hours can de-hydrate our skin and body before we notice it. Consistent sunlight exposure while traveling or hiking and minimal intake of water can spoil your adventure. When you are on the trip you experience more physical movements than on a normal day in your life. There are multiple solutions for hydrating your skin so you do not need to worry about your skincare and overall health.

Icewater is the best traveling bottle of all. Here is why

It is a hydration reminder bottle, a precise drinking water source that must be in your travel accessories.

The Icewater bottle is small so it can easily fix in your bag or even in your pocket. To get clear images of that environment even in low light, there is a lens with this travel bottle.

A portable speaker provides music while you are biking, hiking, beach, gym, or office. Ice water bottles will help you to stay hydrated during the day through LEDs, and these lights make this smart traveling bottle a bit flashy. At the bottom, there is a Bluetooth speaker to give you music on your journey. It is rechargeable battery allows longer use.

If you plan to travel, make icewater a necessary travel accessory in your travel bag.

A portable smart camera

Traveling and tourism are all about capturing memories through a digital eye. It must be small, handy, lightweight, and easy to use but offer great graphic features. You must take it seriously while selecting a camera device for your traveling purposes or getting ready for your travel accessory list. Wherever you go in the world, you would definitely want to capture all the amazing and beautiful things to capture. Any digital camera or even your smartphone can be your traveling camera, but we will talk here about the best in features, and easily carry cam in travel. Let us talk about a traveling camera that I found the best

The camera that resembles the shape of the human eye, Tomaggo 360°

First camera with auto-rotation while you are exploring the world that covers the entire environment of the view. With a single click, you can capture photos or a video of everything you see at 360°. A VR180° capture mode allows you to capture or record just as you are seeing it with your eyes.

There is also a 360° circular mode that covers all the surroundings even what's behind you. This product offers a feel as if you were there.

Tomaggo cam is also a good option for YouTubers, vloggers, influencers, or for direct web links as it offers live sharing on Facebook, and on Youtube.

AI translator

If you are, an international traveler and you have to interact with people of different languages. Make AI translator a necessary travel accessory.

Language has been a barrier for a long time between tourists and the people of host countries.

You need to communicate right after you land at a distant destination while interacting with the taxi driver, taking help from local people about recommended tourist spots, and when it’s time to eat.

There are very smart, and easy-to-carry translator devices available. These translators are very compact and custom-built devices for translation between two languages. Such language translating devices are better and more accurate in giving results than simple smartphone translator apps. Say a phrase to the device and get the exact and intended translation in other languages.

We have one of the best language translators for traveling

Birgus is a translator offering translation to 70 languages. You can carry it with you easily and quite comfortably. Travel wherever you want and communicate with whom you want. Birgus translator is 98% accurate for both words and sentences.

Another great feature of an AI translator is the real-time input service, either through your voice or through text. You do not need to install any additional app on your phone; this device is upgraded automatically by interacting with people. To keep the accuracy of translation up to the mark, this translator learns and improves its response if you interact with more and more people. It also has volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume, two recording keys, and a play button. It can record different voices while you walk and you can translate them later. This also improves the response of this translator.

I prefer Birgus, designed for communication to add it to your necessary travel list that helps you to communicate in languages that you do not know.

 Better Sleep, Get more energy

Better sleep is an important wellness factor while you are traveling. For you travel is one of the few joys of your life but maybe for others to travel is a disturbing thing to do. Whether you like traveling or not, better sleep is the best therapy if you are exhausted. Lack of slip can make your trip a bit dully and slower. To enjoy you need to get full energy by a good sleep when you have some spare time and at night as well. For better sleep, AYO is the best product that helps you to fall asleep easily after a long hectic, and tiring day.

AYO is an amazing energy source that you must keep on your traveling accessories list. It is a light-emitting wearable, it improves your overall energy levels and enriches your freshness by a calm sleep. You can control this device directly from your smartphone. The light that is used in this device is blue-turquoise light that resembles natural light.

Blue light stimulates the eye cells that help in producing sleep hormones. It is a light therapy to calm down your body. It is a worth trying gadget for travelers in 2022.

Partner Care

Partner care is a sweet gesture to your soul mate. If you both are on a trip, you need to be more caring towards your partner because staying close to each other will be stress-free.

One of the best ways to stay connected to your partner when you are traveling is Bond Touch.

A smart and beautiful bracelet for you and your partner. You can track your partner’s location on the app and get notifications directly. You can take this bracelet anywhere; it is waterproof so no need to remove it while you are in a pool or on a beach. Be in touch with your partner.

It is also an important traveling essential for your travel in 2022.



Stay tuned and stay updated. Let One Fantastic Shop give you the best innovative products to make your everyday life easier. 

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