LaMetric, the clock for your everyday life

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Change the way you look at your clock with this LaMetric digital clock. 

Origin: United Kingdom .

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This intelligent clock tells you the date, the time but also the meteorological conditions.

It also offers a clock radio, a timer and you can listen to the radio with its high-definition speakers.

LaMetric also allows you to know when you have notifications on your social networks (like, retweet, mail) and all this without even having to take out your smartphone.

LaMetric will be your daily partner.

To use it, simply download the Metric Time app on your smartphone

Horloge Connectee LaMetric Time

Customize it with thousands of clock dials and your own creations
Forget loneliness and brighten up your day with fun icons and animations, add a corporate identity to office clocks, join the creative community and make your clock different. Useful information combined with pixel art gives a unique charm to your surroundings.

Your family receives intelligent house notifications at a glance and controls smart devices with a single click.
Controlling home devices from a smartphone is convenient, but it's not ideal when the whole family needs access to information. LaMetric Time is an intelligent display / controller, highly visible and permanently active for intelligent home appliances. It displays information from Netatmo, Alexa, Nest, Sonos, Ring, SmartThings and Philips Hue, WeMo and other devices with a single click.

Applications for everyone
Improve productivity by viewing time, weather, tweets, subscribers, last minute news, stock market prices, exercise times and other key information at a glance.

Applications for Business
In the meeting room, LaMetric Time can display the remaining time before the end of the meeting and motivate the colleges to finish on time. Position LaMetric on a shelf or in your storefront and capture customers using promotions or get Likes on your Facebook page.

Create your apps
LaMetric Developer, you can create indicator applications to track sales figures, key performance indicators and other statistics or button apps allowing you to perform actions such as calling a taxi by pressing an action button .

Move with Pixel Dance
Wake up in the morning to the sound of your favorite Internet radio station. Built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream your favorite music from services like Spotify, iTunes or Pandora to LaMetric Time stereo speakers. The visual equalizer will put your eyes full!




We like:

Good to know:

The intelligent clock function

The watch is self-configuring

Its design

The mobile app is free

Easy to use

The light sensor adjusts the brightness automatically


What are LaMetric's fonctions? 


-Tasks and fitness goals (Fibit, todoist, Asana support)

-Facebook fan counter

-Apple Store stats, raking


-Date ticket (pregnancy, graduation, birthday, vacation, wedding..)

-Paypal live balance

-Google analytics goal metrics (visitors, goals..)

-Subject and time till nearest meeting

-Programmable intervalle aimer for crossFit

-Brand mentions on Twitter in real time

-Track changes in metrics and stats 

-Get notifies social networks and about most awaited emails

-Stopwatch and countdown

-Stock prices, drops nd rises

-Sparklines for metrics and stats

How to display an information?

    • ●  Tap Clockface to add an image that will be displayed right before the clock on the screen. Use categories on the top to make your choice faster.

    • ●  Turn 24 Hours on and the time will be displayed in the mode of 24:00, or turn it off to see the time in the mode of 12 hours AM/PM.

    • ●  Switch Day of Week on and LaMetric will show you it on the bottom of the screen as highlighted indicator.

    • ●  The option ‘ Week starts on Monday’ allows to tread first day as Monday. First day by default is Sunday.

    • ●  Switch Show Seconds on to see hours, minutes and seconds on the screen of your LaMetric. 





IOS and Android


22 x 15.5 x 4.4cm






Bluetooth and Wifi


Notifications, radio, mail, apps…



Comments (3)

Christian R


LaMetric is an excellent gadget. Anyone with anything to keep track of should get one. It is eye pleasing, easy to set up and a wonderful addition to any home or office. I would highly recommend it.

Martin R


I just want to say that this is an amazing item! I love it ! Definitely recommend buying it :) you won't regret it trust me this is the best clock I've bought so far!

Ciro S


I like the fact that it can be connected to your smartphone so I can stream my music in my room if I wanted to. I also enjoy making my own pixel designs.

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