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Skulpt, performance training system

  • Skulpt, performance training system
  • Skulpt, performance training system
  • Skulpt, performance training system
  • Skulpt, performance training system
  • Skulpt, performance training system
Skulpt, performance training system
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Use Skulpt to measure your body fat percentage and get a personalized workout plan to burn fat and build muscle.

Origin: United States 

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Muy descontenta

No detecta bien los sensores, te hace una medición y dos no, vuelves a probar no mide y cuando te mide te saca un parámetro y al minuto otro diferente. No lo recomiendo en absoluto

Amazing product!!!! Fast at getting readings!!!! Helps me to figure out what muscles need to work on, which one need work!!!!

Excellent! Not difficult to use. Initially I had to read the instructions to set it up after that it was no problem. Gave it four stars because I would like the software to estimate body water levels.

Best at home tool for measuring body fat and muscle quality. The app is getting better with each update as well.

Skulpt, performance training system
Tax included


Measure what really matters to train smarter



Get your own personalized fitness trainer that will give you fitness and nutrition guidance based on your unique physiology. The Skulpt Chisel leverages science-driven techniques, previously available to elite athletes, to optimize your workouts based on your body type. Turn your data into achievable action for real results. Skulpt is able to provide customized fitness and nutrition guidance based on a person’s unique physiology. It is able to take and record accurate measurements of muscle quality and fat percentage for 24 muscle groups. Skulpt also provides detailed tracking of progress, with adjustments to guidance over time and fitness and nutrition notifications to keep you motivated.


Backed by science

Measure muscle quality and fat percentage directly and accurately with the Skulpt Scanner. See your results, and learn which muscle groups need strengthening for peak performance, with the Skulpt App.


A System that works

The App also delivers workout advice tailored to your physique and goals. We'll start by helping you achieve a more balanced physique. As you advance, experienced trainers on our advisory panel provide guidance more specific to your personal goals.


Why measure muscle quality?

Muscle Quality tells you when your muscles are getting leaner, well before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles, Skulpt products help you optimize your training based on a detailed, accurate, up-to-date score for each of 24 locations.


Increasing your muscle quality

Strength train your way to a high Muscle Quality. Measure individual muscles with the Skulpt Scanner, know which areas need more work, and reach your peak performance, more efficiently.


What’s in the box?

1x Skulpt Scanner

1x Charging cradle

1x Spray water bottle

Access to workout advice via the Skulpt App