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Mother  is multi-functional! It takes care of you in your daily tasks and makes sure that you don't forget anything. Like a real mother. Origin : France 
242,00 €
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Momit Home is the connected thermostat that will allow you to save energy in any circumstances! Origin: Spain 
129,00 €
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With your Triby you can listen to your music and take your calls. And thanks to the Triby App, you can stay connected to your house. Origin: France 
209,00 €
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With PlantLink, you know when your plants need water and attention! Origin: USA  
73,00 €
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Momit Smart is a smart connected thermostat that controls automatically the temperature of your house and will enable you to make energy-savings. Origin : Spain
199,00 €
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Voice Bridge is the connected object that allows you to turn your landline on your mobile phone.  Origin: France 
99,00 €
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