Playbrush, transforms toothbrushing in a game

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With Playbrush, children can play a game on smartphone while brushing their teeth.

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Playbrush is an award-winning device that helps children with their daily toothbrushing by making it a fun game. With Playbrush, kids can play entertaining & instructional mobile games whilst brushing their teeth.


If mobile games are so fun, why can’t toothbrushing also be fun? Playbrush makes a game out of cleaning your teeth and thus creates a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing.Shoot Crobies, fly planes and save the tooth fairy – all just by brushing your teeth! No more stress, great fun!


Motion sensors in your Playbrush record how you brush your teeth (place, duration and speed) and a specific game algorithm helps children to brush for long enough and everywhere in their mouth. Real time feedback in the form of brushing statistics as well as a unique reward system is encouraging children to brush more accurately and regularly (2 Minutes twice a day).


Your humble manual toothbrush has been transformed into a game controller! Playbrush attaches to almost any manual toothbrush and with up to 6 profiles per device, one family can easily share one Playbrush! Also, you do not require internet, Bluetooth is enough to start your brushing adventure!




We like:

To know :

The ability to brush the teeth while having fun

You can share your Playbrush

The easy-to-use app

You only need to reload your Playbrush

The ease of charging

A Playbrush Bathroom Kit - a case to use a cmartphone / tablet in the bathroom is prodivded with


How does Playbrush work?

It's like magic: you put your usual toothbrush into the Playbrush device and instantly turns it into a joystick. Then you can start your Playbrush game on your smartphone or tablet to automatically connect Playbrush device. Now your children (or even yourself) will be able to solve in an educational and fun way the challenges that will be proposed during the brushing of teeth. More information can be found in the Playbrush manual.

Who is Playbrush for?

We develop Playbrush for children who start brushing their teeth alone. Indeed, we have seen the biggest problems in the 5 to 10 years. Although our game is aimed at children up to the age of 12, we have received excellent feedback from teenagers, students, active youth, parents and even grandparents, Who all enjoy brushing their teeth using Playbrush.

How many games do you have?

In November 2015 we launched our first game, which contains several worlds and challenges to achieve in order to keep children engaged. Our second game was launched in March 2016. We already have several ideas for the sequel, new games will be launched every 3 to 6 months.

Why use a smartphone?

Almost all households have a smartphone or tablet, making this solution affordable and convenient to use. Playbrush works under iOS (Minimum required: IPhone 4S / IPad 3 and iOS 8) and Android (Minimum required: Android 4.4 KitKat plus aptitude BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so it is easy to use with the smartphone or tablet Parents, grandparents and babysitters.

Do I have to buy a Playbrush device for each of my children?

No, Playbrush is designed to be shared and works with almost all manual toothbrushes. We come from large families and we know that it is often not possible to buy a device for everyone.

How to reload Playbrush?

You only need to recharge your Playbrush once a month, using a standard micro-USB port that comes with the device.

Is Playbrush resistant to water?

Playbrush has been designed and tested to be waterproof, its use is similar to that of an electric toothbrush. However we can not guarantee any water damage - so we recommend not to use it in the bath or shower.





IOS and Android


12,5 x 5 x 17mm





Comments (3)

Paula M


A great product for kids !

Anne C


I really do not regret this purchase! Before I had to fight for him to washing his teeth. Now he claims the "game" and no longer reluctant to go to brush his teeth. It's great ! I recommend !!

Josh S


It needs the latest software updates to work ;-) However, it’s a nice and funny device. I recommend.

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