MedAngel ONE, the guardian angel of your medications

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MedAngel ONE is the perfect companion for your medications. It’s easy-to-use, compact, and connects to your smartphone, allowing you to store and transport your medications at the right temperature.

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MedAngel combines a medical-grade wireless temperature sensor with a clean and easy to use mobile app to help you protect your medications.

Many prescription drugs (like insulin, hormones or biologic injections) are temperature ­sensitive, and lose their effectiveness if frozen or exposed to heat. The sensor is placed with your medications, continuously measures the temperature and communicates with your phone.

The app alerts you when the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe range. With MedAngel you don't need to worry about your medications ever again.


Temperature Monitoring

Continuous monitoring takes the doubt away. No more guessing if your medication has gone bad. MedAngel always shows you the exact temperature, at home, on the go or while travelling. At one glance, you can see if everything is ok or not: a green heart means all is well, red or blue hearts show it is too hot or cold.


Smart Alerts

A fridge left open or a hot summer day? MedAngel triggers an alarm if it gets critical. The app warns you whenever temperature approaches or exceeds safe range limits. This can be a simple reminder to check the fridge door or to move a bag out of the sun. A small action can prevent great damage.


Your Medication Supported

Simply choose your medication in the app. Safe temperature ranges are automatically set up. Select long term storage or short term carrying mode to get the right safe ranges for your use. All insulins and Epipens, as well as a wide range of biologics, hormones and other injectable are supported.


Worry no more

Live your life fully and don't worry about your medications! Travel the world, explore the outdoors and enjoy quality time with your loved ones without the hassle.


Safety and insights

Has it gone bad? Is it still OK to use? So many variables come into play in your health: Food, physical activity, mood, even weather - dont let your medicine be one of them! MedAngel helps you to have the full picture about your medications.


What’s in the box?

1x MedAngel ONE Sensor

1x Lithium-ion CR2032 battery

Quick start manual




We like :

Good to know :

Easy to use

Every time the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe levels, you get intuitive alerts and notifications

Safe to use in refrigerators and in coolbags

See exactly what happened over the last 30 days in timeline view

Use it during your trips

Built-in medications database




42 x 26 x 8,5



Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 8 or higher (iPhone/ iPad)



Bluetooth Smart connection


Temperature measurement range

-25°C – +60°C / -13°F - +140°F





Waterproof until 20m



How does MedAngel help me keep my medications safe?

Your medication can be selected from a list in the app, and the safe temperature for it will be automatically displayed. If the sensor detects that it is getting too warm or too cold for your medication, the app will set off an alarm, allowing you to take action and prevent the quality of your medication from being compromised.


Do I need an internet connection for the app to function?

No internet connection is required for the app to function, since the sensor and the app are connected via Bluetooth. However, you will need to be connected to the internet to do the following:


1. Set up the app for the first time by signing up and confirming your email.

2. Checking out the help manual, or asking us to add your medication.


Can I connect multiple phones to one sensor?

MedAngel should be paired with one phone, and connecting it to two phones is less ideal. The sensor broadcasts temperature data via Bluetooth, and the closest phone will receive it.


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