Grush, transforms brushing into fun games for kids.

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Grush, no more struggling over brushing twice a day. Your kids will love to brush!

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Transforms brushing into fun games for kids, provides interactive guidance, and gives parents peace of mind.

No More Fighting!

No more struggling over brushing twice a day. Your kids will love to brush!

Motivates Kids to Brush

By using fun games and clever rewards, children are motivated to brush their teeth.

Endorsed by top Dentists

Grush generates meaningful data for dentist that is used for analysis and retargeting.

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Tooth-To-Tooth Navigation Technology

Grush´s patented technology detects every movement during brushing and knows the exact position of the brush.

Teaches Kids Proper Brushing Technique

Grush guides children to brush 2 minutes, twice a day, covering every surface of every tooth.

Games improve Oral Hygiene

Grush games transform brushing into fun and interactive experiences.

Download Grush Games

Grush games are fun and interactive games that guide brushing. Parents can use the “Parental Dashboard” feature of the games to track and reward proper brushing.


                                                        Grush Game I: Monster Chase

                                         Chase and brush away baddies hiding in the teeth


                                                     Grush Game II: Toothy Orchestra

                                       Transform the Grush Brush into a conductors wand  


                                                           Grush Game III: Brush-a-pet

                          Help raise Gavin Giraffe by brushing over the course of a year 

Highest Quality, Dentist Approved
Sonic toothbrush with ultimate cleaning effectiviness featuring safe and gentle brushing for kids.

Brush and Play
Multiple fun and interactive games for different age groups

Detailed Brushing Data
Precicely track brushing results for every tooth and develop healthy brushing habits that last a lifetime.

Technical Information 

  • Grush is designed for kids from 3 to 15 year old to use smart application to track motion and record brush process. It keeps kid tooth brushing under monitor and make fun
  • The package includes 1 Grush Brush, 3 high quality DuPont Nylon bristle brush heads, 1 AAA battery and Quickstart Guide
  • It is FCC, RoHS and CE certified safe product. There is no small part can fall out to cause any harm
  • Grush Games are interactive mobile games that run on Android and iOS devices. Games guide children through the brushing process. Grush Games provide a score or "Grush Factor" on brushing quality and progresses
  • Grush Cloud service stores brushing information and serves it to parents through the parental dashboard app. Parents can monitor their children's brushing and reward or correct them accordingly
  • Bluetooth pairing Grush uses the latest version of Bluetooth to pair Grush with your mobile device
  • Sonic toothbrush with ultimate cleaning effectiveness featuring safe and gentle brushing for kids.
  • Multiple fun and interactive games for different age groups
  • Precisely track brushing results for every tooth and develop healthy brushing habits that last a lifetime




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Grush smart sonic toothbrush makes brushing fun for kids

Advanced tracking and scoring system allows parental monitoring and reward

Reliable, easy to use hi-tech intelligent toothbrush features precise tooth tracking
World's smartest toothbrush endorsed by top pediatric dentists and award winning
    Interactive mobile games guide brushing in real-time using patented "tooth-to-tooth navigation" tech

    Works with batteries (1 AAA battery)



    Who is Grush for?

    We develop Grush for children who start brushing their teeth alone. Indeed, we have seen the biggest problems in the 5 to 15 years. Although our game is aimed at children up to the age of 15, we have received excellent feedback from teenagers, students, active youth, parents and even grandparents, Who all enjoy brushing their teeth using Grush.

    Why use a smartphone?

    Almost all households have a smartphone or tablet, making this solution affordable and convenient to use. Grush works under iOS (Minimum required: IPhone 4S / IPad 3 and iOS 8) and Android (Minimum required: Android 4.4 KitKat plus aptitude BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so it is easy to use with the smartphone or tablet Parents, grandparents and babysitters.

    Do I have to buy a Grush device for each of my children?

    No, Grush is designed to be shared, just change the amovible head. We come from large families and we know that it is often not possible to buy a device for everyone.

    Is Grush resistant to water?

    Grush has been designed and tested to be waterproof, its use is similar to that of an electric toothbrush. However we can not guarantee any water damage - so we recommend not to use it in the bath or shower.






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    Josh S


    The toothbrush itself was good quality plus the extra replacement heads, plus the free game app, so I'm surprised that the price is actually reasonable.

    Jonny P


    I gave this to my nephews and they loved it. Highly recommended because the kids brush longer and better, more strategically, with it. And they love to brush their teeth because it's also a fun game for them.

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