Skandas Eye Massager, the head massager with vibrations

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Skandas Eye Massager is a head massager that fits any face to provide a relaxing massage with the intensity level you prefer. It has a stylish and ergonomic design and provides 4 types of massages.

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Stylish and ergonomic

The Skandas Eye Massager is a facial massager with stylish and ergonomic design that fits any face (up to 180º reclination). Thanks to its high durability elastic band, you can adapt it to your head and enjoy the relaxing massage with the intensity level you prefer. It is fully portable and wireless with 4 massage modes: air pressure massage, thermal massage, vibration massage and musical massage.

Record your own songs

The device is equipped with 5 default modes: auto mode, dynamic, clear, rest and pression heat. The eye massager has 2 built-in electric speakers that provide a relaxing musical massage with your favourite songs. It has an internal memory to record your own songs in MP-3 format and help you relax with your favorite music. You can control the volume and use the forward/rewind song option. The eye massager has a stylish and easy to use panel and is equipped with a USB socket to download your songs and use it as a charger.

Maximum comfort

The duration of all of the massages is predefined by a timer function of 15 minutes, which is the recommended standard time for most massages. Its design with an inclination of up to 180º, together with its elastic band, seeks to grant maximum comfort thanks to its perfect facial adaptation. In addition, it offers the possibility of listening to your favorite music, since it has an internal memory where you can record your songs in MP3 format.



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Stylish and ergonomic design

4 massage modes

Fits any face

2 built-in electric speakers

Fully portable and wireless

Maximum comfort




22 x 16 x 9 cm


700 g


1 lithium polymer battery


Does this also massage the temples or mainly the eyes?

The Skandas eye massager massages the area of ​​the eyes and cheeks.

Can sound/music be turned off if desired?

You can pause the music and continue with the massage.

Is it battery operated or do you use a charging cord?

The device has a USB cable for charging. Once the charge is completed, the cable is removed and the device operates independently.

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