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Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller

  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
  • Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
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Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
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Yardian is the world’s first multi-functional smart device capable of both smart irrigation and surveillance. Enjoy the freedom to remotely control your sprinkler system while monitoring your yard, garden, and/or garage.

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Very easy to setup. The design looks cool. I can use the camera to check the backyard which is an additional feature that others do not have.

Great controller especially that the total cost was rebate from the state/City.

I have learned about Yardian from my friend. Installation was very straight forward and took about 15 min to replace my old unit. After unit installation, I painlessly setup the app.

Yardian, your smartest sprinkler controller
Tax included


Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Yardian comes in both 12-zone and 8-zone models, and the master valve can be assigned from any spare zones using the Yardian app . The Yardian is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation, and its exterior is built with UV-stabilized, non-chlorinated, non-brominated, flame-retardant material (UL rated f1/V-0/5VA) to withstand the variability of every season.


Easy and Intuitive Control

A Profile is created to represent the yard or garden of your property on the Yardian app. Up to 12 zones can be enabled according to your current irrigation zoning. You can set up plant, sprinkler head, soil, etc. for each zone. Each zone can be assigned to either a Smart Program or a Manual Program for water schedules. The control access of your “Profile” can be easily shared to your family members or contractor. Multiple “Profiles” can be created and managed under one user account.


Skip Rules

You can choose to skip watering schedules created by your Smart Program and/or Manual Program. There are 4 skip rules that you can use based on Chance of Rain, Rain Sensor Skip, Manual Skip, and Freeze Prevention.


Voice Activation Through Amazon's Alexa

The Yardian may be activated by using Alexa. Specific voice commands provide customized control of your lawn's watering requirements, such as watering your property based on specific zones.


The Yardian, A Multi-Purpose Security Camera

The Yardian is more than just a smart sprinkler controller, it also features a unique, built-in security system.


Live streaming

The Yardian leverages its prime location to transmit real-time video of your garage or yard. This “always-on” Internet connection allows security video streaming 24/7 to your smartphone.


Motion Detection

The Yardian features motion detection. You can set up instant notification on your smartphone when someone or something approaches your door.


What’s in the box?

Yardian controller

Wi-Fi dongle

Labeling stickers

3x wall screws and anchors

PLC adapter

Ethernet cable 

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