Homido Grab, the virtual reality headset.

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Homido Grab, Is a minimalist virtual reality helmet, devoid of straps and optical adjustments, with best quality image.

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Homido is proud to present the Grab, a mask certified by Google with the program "Works With Cardboard"

Why Grab?

The Grab is presented as a simple and effective viewer, here no IPD or focal length adjustment, but our lenses whose reputation is more to be made are obviously of the party.

In order to remain simple, the Grab keeps the fastening system inaugurated on the Homido V2, a fixing with the aid of 3 pins ensuring a perfect support and positioning of the smartphone. This system has the advantage of keeping the smartphone perfectly horizontal and a marker is also present to ensure a good alignment.

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Wide compatibility

The IOS and Android smarthpones are obviously compatible and compatible screen formats range from 4.7 "to 5.7" diagonal. For IOS the whole range is compatible from the iPhone 5S to iPhone 6 Plus. Galaxy Note and other phablettes such as Nexus 6 and 6P are also compatible.

It also has the Cardboard action button for action in all Cardboard applications. This button is capacitive and therefore works on all smartphones.

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The key word, simplicity

From the insertion of the smartphone facilitated by the clamp system as well as its markers until the use of Cardboard applications facilitated by the presence of a large capacitive button, everything is thought for a simple, effective and user-friendly use. The mask is usable from the age of 13 and allows to exploit the program expeditions of Google for the education.

Its front opening is designed to accommodate smartphones with a size between 4.5 and 5.7 inches. The transparent façade keeps the phone safe, without preventing the use of augmented reality applications. On the top, a button lets you navigate applications without the need for an external controller.

Thanks to the absence of a system of attachment, it is possible to use the Homido Grab in group, in family or between friends. A user can hold the helmet in front of his eyes and lend it to his neighbor at all times without having to remove straps or adjust the vision. A concept conducive to sharing and user-friendliness, studied for short and occasional uses.

The Homido Grab is of course compatible with the many Google Cardboard applications. They can be downloaded directly from the eponymous application on any iOS or Android smartphone.

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Compact and light (240 gr)
Wide field of view of 100 °
Certified Google Cardboard
Compatible with Android and IOS smartphones from 4.5 to 5.7 »
Physical Action Button




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Good to know :

A minimalist and affordable experience

The button on the top of the viewer makes it easy to navigate applications without the need for an external controller.

Compatible with most smartphones
The Grab is equipped with a fastening system with 3 lugs, which ensures the maintenance and the perfect positioning of a smartphone. A marker allows adjustment of the correct alignment.
Virtual reality to share

The helmet "slips" easily because it does not have a strap or optical adjustment.


What is immersive video?

You are no longer a spectator, you take part in the action by being at the center of the content. A new way to relive his best moments.

On a simple computer or smartphone screen, these videos allow the user to discover scenes at 360 degrees, moving with the cursor of his mouse or fingertips on a phone, right, left, Up or down. The off-field disappears. Instead of simply viewing a video, the user experiences an immersive and interactive experience.

What is immersive photography?

Capture the entire 360 ° scene, and relive the grace of your Homido virtual reality headset.



The advantages of this model

Benefits: Certified by Google - Thousands of applications and videos available on the App Store and Google Play

Main Features

Headphones Type: Virtual Reality Headphones
Compatible with: Smartphone
Wired: No
Size: 4.5 "to 5.7"

Smartphone Detail

Accelerometer and gyroscope built into the smartphone
Virtual Reality: Yes
360 ° Video: Yes
Special features: Action button to interact with applications


Color: Black
Action Buttons: Yes


Screen: Requires a smartphone screen with a resolution of at least 720p
Field of view: 100 °

Recommended Configuration

Operating systems: Android and iOS

Package Contents

Delivered with: Notice, Chiffonnette
Information and Services
Warranty Period (Parts, Labor and Travel): 24


Dimensions W x H x D: 16.8 x 10.2 x 9.9 cm
Net Weight (kg): 240.0 g

Comments (2)

Agnes C


My son loved this present, so I recommend it !

Josh S


Amazing headset- the headstrap can be a bit small if you have a head as big as I do, but the IPD and lens adjustment is great, and the magnet holding the front closed is hard as nails.

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