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Beam, wear and share your messaging

  • Beam, wear and share your messaging
  • Beam, wear and share your messaging
  • Beam, wear and share your messaging
  • Beam, wear and share your messaging
  • Beam, wear and share your messaging
Beam, wear and share your messaging
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Show the world exactly what inspires you in real time with the first wearable smart Display called BEAM

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

The screen is AMAZING and is clear, bright and useful. We’ve been using a string of promotion and personal GIFs – and using some GIFs from GiPHY is cool too! Editing images in the app is easy to do and instant.

Easy, fun, and very cool. Opened the box and had a slide show of my kids up pinned to my bag a few minutes later. So many cool ways to add text, photos, filters, shapes, it'll take a while to learn them all. I was surprised at the image quality of the little screen.

The quality and vibrancy of the screen is amazing. As people shared photos at the party, I was able to easily add them my slide show on the fly. It is light and easy to wear, even on a silk dress. I LOVE my BEAM!!

Beam, wear and share your messaging
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A dynamic, wearable screen and SaaS platform that connects people in the real world



BEAM connects us in the real world. Invites Conversation, Share your values

Introducing the world’s first connected wearable smart Display, BEAM. Wearable technology that lets you express and extend your own messaging and personal branding wherever you are, in person. Create community everywhere you go with this thin, lightweight wearable and its brilliant full color 24-bit display. Vibrant graphics grab attention and start conversations with the 1.4” AMOLED screen, showing up to 100 different photos or GIFs, a single image at a time or as a rotating slideshow. Strap it to your bag, pin it on your jacket or use the magnet set to wear on any garment to broadcast what’s important to you no matter where you are. Easy wireless connection with your device via Bluetooth allows for quick updates in real time.


Get Creative and Spark a New Connection

Download the free app for iOS or Android and get started discovering and creating your own content from photos or design yourself, with our user-friendly interface or pull images from your device or the Internet. Uploads take just seconds so you can change your BEAM on the fly.


Express your interests, passions and what matters most to you. Raise both awareness and funds by linking your BEAM to donation platforms for causes you care about. Start or join a movement and spread messaging wherever you go with engaging graphics and social media integration. BEAM is a great way to spread the word fast, strike upintrigue and make new connections to crowdsource quickly and generate valuable buy-in. Ramp up engagement by sending your BEAM content directly to your social media accounts or by text messaging your friends. Subscribe to other users’ feeds to receive content directly on your BEAM from your favorite teams and friends.


Stimulate Your Professional Life

BEAM has numerous applications ideal for consumer-facing businesses in sales or retail verticals. Communicate key brand messaging in seconds with dynamic wearable digital signage. Wear your BEAM to tradeshows or on the showroom floor and create engaging and unique branding opportunities. Arm your sales force with this innovative way to connect with customers while multitasking with this clever wearable smart button.


GPS Locator For Added Safety

Stay safe across campus or around town after hours with the Panic Button feature. It will beam a message and GPS location with map link to up to 4 friends. Use the app to create your custom text message and select recipients from your contacts to make the most of this safety feature.


BEAM Authentic has bridged the divide between your online and offline presence with BEAM, the world’s first connected wearable smart display. Create content to build your own community and start sharing your passions with those around you.