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GNARBOX is a portable backup & editing system for any camera, allowing you to backup, edit and share your footage anywhere via phone app.

Origin: France 

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Portable Backup & Editing System for Any Camera

How it Works

1. Plug in your camera's card

With SD, microSD and USB3.0 you can backup any of your cards to the GNARBOX or a connected HDD or SSD.

2. Connect to the GNARBOX WiFi

GNARBOX uses a 2.4ghz 802.11n wireless signal to give you powerful streaming up to 40 feet away.

3. Open the App

With free apps in both the Google Play and App Store you can download new updates, add new features and find all of the tools you need to backup, edit and share your content.

Key Features

  • Edit 4K video
  • Manage RAW photos
  • Backup at 4GB/min
  • Rugged and compact
  • Great For Travel
  • Android & iOS
  • SD, microSD, USB3.0
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 128GB FLASH

Camera Compatibility

Works with any Action Camera, Drone, DSLR or Mirrorless Camera to backup, edit, and sync files across devices. GNARBOX preserves the fidelity of your RAW images and 4K videos.

Seamless User Experience

Intuitive editing makes it easy and fast for any creator to stitch full resolution video into a reel of your best moments. Works with iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

Share & Collaborate

Connect up to multiple devices to share and collaborate with friends, upload in full resolution to social media, and connect to your computer. Plug in your external drives for redundant backups.


- Seamless editing interface.

- RAW photo color correcting tools.

- 4k & high framerate compatible.

- iOS & Android applications.


- Hardware accelerated 4k video editing.

- Safe & secure file storage.

- Shock, Dust and Water resistant.

- 4-6 hour battery life.


- 4GB/min to 128GB of Flash storage.

- USB3.0, microSD, & SD ports.

- Connect to your computer or external drive.

- Upload quickly to and from your phone.



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Compatible with Action Cameras, DSLRs, and Drones. GNARBOX is compatible with Android and iOS phones and tablets

Currently, tablet applications are not optimized or customized. Back up 128GB of footage at up to 4GB/min to the GNARBOX, then auto-organize your footage by date and camera.

  • Intel Quad-Core CPU and HD graphics GPU

  • 4GB per minute backup via USB3, SD, microSD

  • 128GB internal flash storage or connect your external drive

 Edit and share 4K videos and RAW photos from mobile phone or tablet


Using Your GNARBOX
Powering On/Off/Resetting your GNARBOX
Power on your GNARBOX
by holding the Power Button for 3 sec
. LED 1 will remain a
solid green.
Power off your GNARBOX by holding the Powe
r Button for 3 sec
. LED 1 will show no
color (off).
Hard Reset your GNARBOX by hol
ding down the Power Button for 30
seconds. A Hard
Reset will turn off the power and then reboot the GNARBOX. Continue holding the
power button for another
seconds. A t
urquoise LED will turn on and then off,
indicating that the Hard Reset is complete.
Charging Your GNARBOX
You can charge your GNARBOX using the supplied USB cord. Plug the USB cord into a
dedicated USB charging port, like the A/C adapter for your mobile p
hone, or a charging
downstream port, which likely can be found on your computer. If your GNARBOX is powered
on, you can tell th
e GNARBOX is charging when LED 2
remains a solid blue
and LED 1 remains
solid green
. If your GNARBOX is powered off, you can tell
the GNARBOX is
charging when
LED 2 remains solid blue
When your GNARBOX is fully charged, LED 2 will turn off.
Download/Install the GNARBOX App for your Mobile Device
You can download the GNARBOX Mobile App on the Apple
Store or the Google Play
App Help
Within the GNARBOX Mobile App, there is an in
app help function to help you learn more about
all features and functions. You can access the in
app help by tapping
located in the upper
tool bar.
Connecting to the GNARBOX with your Mobile
Open the GNARBOX App on your mobile device. To install app please see
Download/Install the GNARBOX App for your Mobile Device
Power on your GNARBOX.
Follow all on screen prompts in the GNARBOX Mobile App. The pr
ompts will direct you
to connect to the GNARBOX Wi
Fi network.


Tech Specs
Intel ® Quad Core, 1.92GHZ CPU
4 Core Intel ® H
D Graphics GPU
Dual band 300mbps 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi
SD Card Slots and USB3.0 ports allow 100MB/sec backup speeds & 270MB/sec export
1 AMP Out per USB
Compatible with CF Card Readers
128GB FLASH Memory

Comments (2)

William T


Thanks for all.
Excelent product and nice service, my pakage arrived in 4 days, awesome!!!

James B


The Gnarbox is a pretty gnarly little device: It does what it says and does it well. The editor isn't very robust, but with a little round-tripping through Lumafusion or similar apps, the drive will stand the test of time. *I use this product in the field, for quick field edits and media transfer solutions.

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