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Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages

  • Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages
  • Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages
  • Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages
Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages
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Travis Touch Plus is the ultimate pocket translator. Easy to use, Travis translates conversations instantly and lets you be understood everywhere.

Origin: United States 

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Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

This is a really good, well-made tool for those that travel internationally often. For those who travel to "not so common" foreign destinations, this would be a godsend, as all of your potential languages are covered without the need to download anything or prep in advance.

Yes, I really like my Travis. It Works "OK" over public Wi-Fi but even better over a private Wi-Fi. I suggest if you are going to or need to use it a lot "like I do", It is best to get a "sim Card" and purchase a data service from your cellular phone service company.

You can talk for quite a few sentences all at once, and it remembered and translated all of them correctly. Although I only knew a couple of languages that I can verify. Also tried out the global data SIM card and hot spot. They all worked out nicely as advertised.

Travis Touch Plus, speak 105 languages
Tax included





The ultimate travel companion

Travel, discover new cultures and create meaningful connections with the people you meet, all in the local language. Whether it's pleasure or business, Travis Touch Plus enables a world without language barriers, understanding and being understood wherever you go.


A multilingual assistant for professionals

If you are a retail, tourism or medical professional Travis Touch Plus is the ultimate solution for your business. Always have your personal translator within reach, so you can provide all your customers with the best service possible and hold conversations in over 100 languages.


Connect it to Wifi, 4G or Hotspot

You can connect Travis Touch to the internet in 3 different ways: via a WiFi connection, a 4G SIM card or by connecting it to a mobile Hotspot (for example from your phone). Online languages are automatically available whenever your Travis device is connected to the internet.


WiFi Network

Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > WiFi and tap on your network. Add your password if needed.


4G - SIM Card
Once a SIM Card is inserted in Travis Touch, Tap on the Settings icon, select Network  > Mobile Data and enable it. If you are using a Global Data SIM Card don't forget to turn the data roaming switch on too.



Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot on your smartphone. Once this is done, it will appear in the list of available WiFi connections on your Travis Touch. Add a password if needed.


Bidirectional translator

Travis® Touch Plus is the ultimate smart language translator that fits in the palm of your hand. It translates your speech into another language and speaks it back to you. Travis Touch Plus comes in black and a limited edition white version.


Practice a new language at your own pace

With the new Travis Teacher subscription you can learn a new language and improve your pronunciation. Ask Travis to translate the word or sentence you want to practice in your own language. Repeat what Travis Teacher just taught you and receive instant feedback.