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Trackimo is an intelligent, 3G GPS- tiny device allowing you to see on your mobile phone exactly every move and where your precious things are with automatic alerts as needed.

Origin: United States 

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This user-friendly Trackimo GPS tracker can be used to monitor vehicles, children, elderly, pets, luggage or any item valuable to you. Many customers can attest to the quality and reliability of Trackimo devices. You can trust that buying this GPS tracking unit, which is packed with useful features, is a worthy investment.


How it works ?

The device delivers a GPS & GSM signal which then allows the user to remotely follow his position via a dedicated application. Available on IOS, Android, PC and Mac, it also allows you to set the device options (alert management, tracking history, speed of movement ...).


How to activate the device?

The use of the Trackimo device is simple and user-friendly. After an initial charge, simply activate your new device on the site, it will allow you to activate all the functions according to the plan you have chosen, without having to deal with different service providers.


Unlimited location reports

This means the user can get as many tracking location data as he/she wants


SOS button

Pressing this button allows user to instantly alert a trusted family member or the GPS manager and send his/her exact location in times of distress.


Inside the box, you will find the following:


-          Trackimo Universal GPS tracking unit

-          A battery

-          A replaceable back-cover with a belt clip

-          A replaceable back-cover with a magnet

-          A silicon water-protecting cover

-          A lanyard

-          A USB charging cable

-          A miniature screwdriver and 2 mini-screws for optional locking of the back-cover




We like:

Good to know:

Real-time tracking

Trackimo is not waterproof

Super lightweight

There is a Trackimo Mobile App for the Apple Iphone and Google Android

Under normal use, the battery can last up to 48 hours

Free 12 months of free service, mobile data without hidden charges!




45 mm x 40 mm x 18 mm








Battery life

48-72 hours


Operating temperature

-45 to +75 degrees C


Car voltage compatibility

12V and 24V


Storage service

Unlimited capacity


No waterproof




Can anyone track my Trackimo Device?

No. When you register your Trackimo device on our tracking application, you will be able to list up to ten trusted individuals that you want to receive notifications. You can also designate how you want them to receive the alerts; either via email (free service) or text alerts (paid service). You can change or edit these names at any time. If you want them to be able to directly track your device, they would need your log-in and password to access the web-based service or mobile App.


How far will my Trackimo track or locate?

Our system is designed to locate a Trackimo Device anywhere in the world (with NO ADDITIONAL costs or roaming fees) as long as there is GSM cellular service area. If the device enters an area without GSM cellular coverage, the GPS feature will not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage. Once it reconnects, it will transmit a history of its locations that you can view online.


How can the Trackimo Device location be accessed?

Our system will allow you to view your device(s) location(s) through three ways: via the internet, via your web-enabled mobile phone, or via our mobile app.


Will my Trackimo work anywhere?

Yes - It will work anywhere that you have a GSM cellular signal.


Is the Trackimo Device waterproof?

The Trackimo device is water resistant when covered with the supplied silicone water resistant cover, but is NOT waterproof.


How do I know the battery level on my device is low?

The battery status of your Trackimo device can be viewed on the web portal and mobile App.


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