Bisecu, the guardian of your bike

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Bisecu is a smart and lightweight lock that doesn't need to be removed once it is installed on your bike. You can enjoy your biking experience thanks to a lock that sends notifications to your smartphone.

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No need to carry a lock anymore

Bisecu is a very light weight lock installed on your front wheel that you can keep there at all times. There is no need to carry or uninstall the device once it is installed which allows you to freely enjoy your time on your bike. You don’t have to think of carrying a heavy lock anymore or to not forget your keys as Bisecu is installed with an invisible lock mechanism you don’t need to remove. Bisecu is carefully designed to harmonize with your bike without degrading its appearance. Bisecu pairs with smartphones to operate remotely which makes the process of locking and unlocking much easier. You can share your bike through the app without having to give physical keys anymore. Anyone you want to share your bike with can do so thanks to the app.

More than just a lock

Bisecu is made of durable aluminum alloy so that it is not easily deformed by strong external impact as well as daily usage. It is built with a 100db alarm with notification directly sent to your smartphone when you are away from your bike. As it automatically locks, Bisecu has a safety feature of preventing from getting locked while you are riding. You can charge Bisecu with a micro-USB. One full charge only takes 2 hours and you can use it for up to 6 months. In case the battery is low, 1-minute charge enables you to use Bisecu for at least an hour. The Bisecu app is smarter than any other cycling apps because it doesn’t only work as a smart key but it also records real-time riding data such as speed, distance, time and calories burnt. Moreover, the sharing function allows users to share the use of Bisecu with others.

New technology

Bisecu’s security mechanism is hidden in the device. The outer cover is crafted with uncuttable aluminum alloy so it is safe from any theft. The front wheel cannot rotates in the locked state. Bisecu contains a built-in alarm system and if someone tries tampering your bike in the locked state, the alarm will go off and send you notifications to your phone. The four sensitive embedded sensors detect any tampering and send the alarm off when any movement is detected in the locked state. Whenever Bisecu senses motion in the locked state, it will send a push notification to your smartphone when the user is located within 30 meters of the Bluetooth range. Bisecu’s circuit contains several anti-malfunction designs and a double safety spring is built in to prevent problems with the lock pin.




We love :

To know :

Very lightweight 

You can share your key through your smartphone

Battery charged for 6 months

Receive riding data on your smartphone

Lock that cannot be damaged

The system doesn't get blocked when you are riding




4.85cm x 9cm




Full charge in 2 hours


Connection MethodBluetooth 4.0


Is there a risk it might lock when I’m riding?

Bisecu constantly checks movement with multiple sensors. If any of them senses even the smallest movement Bisecu cannot be locked.

How to lock it?

There are 3 options to lock Bisecu. First, you may lock it through the Bisecu app. Secondly, put your Bisecu in automatic mode. It will be locked simply as you walk away from the bike. Lastly, you can lock Bisecu manually.

Is the alarm mutable?

Yes you can mute it through the app


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