Yepzon One, the high technology tracker

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Yepzon, the wearable GPS device that locates everyone and everything you care about. 

Origin: Finland .

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Yepzon is a simple wearable GPS device that locates everyone and everything you care about.


With waterproof Yepzon you can locate people, pets and valuables using your smartphone. It is easy get started and use your Yepzon device. Unbeatable battery life and foolproof data security ensure your precious.


Yepzon works everywhere where there is a GPS network. Connect Yepzon tracker to a smartphone, attach the tracker to the target and follow the moving target easily with the mobile app, even from across the world. The same free Yepzon app is compatible with both Yepzon Freedom and Yepzon One products. The Yepzon GPS tracker can be connected to the smartphone quickly and easily, without passwords or registration. Yepzon products have the longest lasting battery on the market, even up to 4 months with one charge!

Yepzon™ is a GPS tracker which has been designed to keep especially pets, small children, the elderly, and objects safe. With Yepzon’s easy-to-use mobile application you will track the things most important to you quickly and accurately – with just one click.

The small GPS tracker is easy to start using. Pair the Yepzon tracker with your smartphone, attach the tracker to the target and follow the moving target easily with the mobile app, even on the other side on the world. The tracking device is extremely reliable and its information security is solid. Using the device does not require registration or passwords. In addition, the device’s battery life is top notch: the GPS tracker keeps the most important things in your life safe even weeks on end without recharging.

Yepzon™ One GPS tracker works worldwide everywhere where there is a GSM network. With it, you can follow both moving and stationary targets. The tracker does not have a button from which it could be accidentally turned off. Because of this, the tracker is especially reliable.

The small GPS tracker is easy to attach anywhere. With additional accessories, it can be easily attached on for example clothes, objects, a dog’s collar, or even horse equipment.


•Combines three different tracking technologies: GSM always gives a wide location info, GPS accurate tracking outdoors, Bluetooth helps at close quarters.

•Shock resistant and water resistant

•Several devices can be tracked with one phone – one device can be tracked with several phones

•Supreme battery life

•Easy-to-use mobile application

•Built-in SIM, no separate plan, data fee according to use (3.95€/5MB), free application


Every year tens of millions of pets go missing. Yepzon™ One is a GPS tracker with which you can make sure that your pets are kept safe and sound.


Together with Yepzon and a smartphone you can follow your child’s steps when they are outside. You can also use Yepzon for added safety while travelling.


This easy-to-use GPS tracker has been designed specifically for person tracking and for the needs of the elderly and those with memory disorders. With the tracking device and a smartphone, you can follow your close one’s actions in real time.

This small tracking device is easy to put anywhere – the glove compartment of a car, a golf bag, or on luggage. With the latest tracking technology, you can track the target accurately, whether it be in the next room or on the other side of the world.


No registration, no passwords.


Battery lasts from two weeks even to months depending on settings and the way you use your Yepzon. Price includes 5 MB (~1-2 months) of usage. After this the price is 3,95 €/5 MB. Yepzon works everywhere under GSM coverage – with no extra fees in the EU, Russia and the USA. Usage in other countries can be purchased using the mobile application


-       EASY TO USE





  • Cellular connection: GSM/GPRS


  • Positioning methods: GPS, GSM Cell ID, Bluetooth LE


  • Product size: length 85 mm, width 46 mm, thickness 17 mm


  • Product weight: 46 g


  • Package size: width 121 mm, length 121 mm, thickness  45 mm


  • Package weight: 128 g


  • Battery 850 mAh, Li-ion


  • Battery life: 1 week in normal use – even months depending on settings and use


  • Package includes: 1) Yepzon 2) User manual 3) Lanyard 4) Cable


  • Manufacturer: Yepzon Oy


  • Country of origin: Finland


  • Warranty: 24 months




We like :

Good to know :

Easy to use

The Yepzon works anywhere with a GSM connection

The fact that you can wear it at your neck

Very easy to use, with MAC or Windows

the longest battery life in the market, usually 1-2 weeks

No registration, no password, no personal information, no prepaid SIM cards


What is Yepzon® and who is it for?

Yepzon is a user-friendly locationing service for everyone who wants to protect their valuables.

What kind of smartphone is required?

Yepzon can be paired to a smartphone or tablet which meets the following requirements:

  • Android 4.3 or newer + NFC
  • iPhone 4S or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0))
  • Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC

Yepzon App® uses the NFC feature to pair Yepzon with Windows Phone and Android devices. iOS devices can be paired with the Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) feature. Bluetooth Smart feature of iOS and Android devices is also used for locating a nearby Yepzon.

Check your phone’s features from the manufacturer’s website if you are unsure.

The application may also install on devices that do not meet the above requirements – but all the features are not available. If you have, for example, WP or Android device, in which the application is installed, but you are unable to pair because your device does not have NFC, ask a family member or a friend to perform pairing his phone, and then to share the access to your phone. Afterwards you may remove his/her access rights.

List of certain most common supported phones (this list is not perfect):

Android 4.3 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) + NFC:

Google Nexus 5, 6, 7, 9
HTC Butterfly 2
HTC Desire 500, 510, 610, 816
HTC Desire Eye
HTC One series
LG L70, L90, G Pro, VU 3.0, G2, G3, G2 Mini, G Pro 2, G Pad 10.1
Samsung Galaxy A3, SIII, S4, S5, Nexus, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4
Sony Xperia V, AX, VL, Z, SP, ZL, ZR, A, UL, L, M, M dual, Z Ultra, Z1/Z1s, Z1 Compact

Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC:

Nokia Lumia 610 NFC Version, 620 NFC Version, 640, 720, 735, 810, 820, 822, 830, 920, 925, 930, 1020, 1520, 2520

iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0):

iPad Air, Mini, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen
iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus

Other Android, WP and iOS devices:
Pair Yepzon with a supported device. Share control from this device to a device which is not supported. If Yepzon App can be found in the app store of the latter device, Yepzon should be able to be controlled and followed with that device.

How does Yepzon work?

Yepzon® locator  connects regularly to Yepzon Sky cloud service: it checks if any user has sent a location request. User defines how often Yepzon does this checking. User controls the device by Yepzon App smartphone application and locates the device when necessary.

Where can I get Yepzon® App mobile app?
Yepzon App can be found on Google, Windows Phone and Apple app stores as Yepzon App. The application is free.
How is Yepzon located?

Tap Yepzon App’s ”Locate” icon. You will first get the last known location based on cellular network, with an accuracy usually from hundreds of meters to few miles.

Accurate location will be shown once Yepzon automatically checks next time if the user has sent location request from the app.

How quickly can I get the location?

The user defines in the Yepzon App, how often Yepzon will check from Yepzon Sky whether location data is requested. This is called ”Update interval”. The speed new location becomes available depends on the last check. The maximum waiting time is the set update interval.

Example: Yepzon’s update interval is set to 5 minutes. The receiver checks the cloud service at 10:00 am, whether the location request is sent. The user sends a location request at 10:03. He gets the location two minutes later, at 10:05, when Yepzon next time checks with Yepzon Sky.






IOS, Android and Windows


12 x 12 x 5 cm




2 years









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Kevin B


Very simple and easy to use as the manufacturer says. Highly recommended, quality product.

Sofia Y


I can't imagine life without our Yepzon, now that we have it. No complaints, just gratitude for the peace of mind.

Maximus G


A must have!! It works as published. I bought two and they are doing great.

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