ThermoPeanut, the smart temperature sensor

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The ThermoPeanut is a designed and colored innovative temperature sensor, discreet but indispensable.

Origin: France 

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The little companions of your smartphone.
Simple, useful and inexpensive.

A modern and functional accessory's ThermoPeanut temperature sensor comes in a miniature shape with rounded curves. Stuffed with technologies, it is able to realize temperature readings and transmit them in real time directly on the dedicated application. Practical and ingenious, it connects to Nest Thermostats to perform its readings.

This connected accessory is a smart thermometer that uses Bluetooth technology. Without any wire, it transmits the data on the smartphone and can be accessed both in the home and remote. A true gem of home automation, the ThermoPeanut allows you to always control the temperature of your home.

The sensor measures the temperature and sends it to your smartphone.

A practical accessory that revolutionizes everyday life

Practical, the application stores all the recorded data, which makes it possible to observe the temperature deviations. Capable of raising temperatures from -20 ° C to 60 ° C, it communicates with compatible Bluetooth devices positioned within a radius of 20 meters around it.

Easy to install,'s ThermoPeanut sticks to a smooth, clean surface like a wall. In the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, it settles anywhere. Practical, it comes with paste to paste and double-sided adhesive to stick it efficiently and as soon as received.


Bluetooth Smart (Low Power)

Up to 6 months of autonomy
Battery CR2032 (replaceable)

-20 ° to + 60 ° C
Can be calibrated (resolution to 0.1)

Up to 60 m

Loud speaker
Piezo (up to 90dB)

App SensePeanut
IOS 9.3.5+
Android 4.3+

7.5 g

Not resistant to water
Not a medical device

Package Contents

1 ThermoPeanut

1 battery

1 multi-function Peanut holder

1 key ring

Paste to paste and scotch

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ThermoPeanut is a sensor that measures temperature and sends it on your smartphone Replaceable CR2032 Battery
Simple, convenient and affordable  Be alert when it's too hot or too cold
Measure temperature at home, on objects and wherever you go ThermoPeanut easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart


I want to register my SensePeanut, but the App doesn't find it?

First check if your SensePeanut is powered and ON. Press its button, it should play a sound.

If not: make sure that you have removed the battery strip from your Peanut

If not: make sure that the battery is well inserted with the + sign heading upwards

Make sure that the Peanut is close to your smartphone or tablet
Check if Bluetooth is turned on
Make sure that your device is connected to a wifi or 3G/4G network with internet connection
Make sure your Peanut was not already registered by another user
Make sure that your device is Bluetooth 4.0 compliant

How many SensePeanuts can be connected to my device?

There is no limit to number of SensePeanuts you can register on your device. 

However, there is a limit to the number of SensePeanuts simultaneously connected at a given time. This limit is set by your device's manufacturer:
  • On iOS: Up to 8 Bluetooth devices can send data simultaneously. The number of SensePeanuts you can use hence depends on the number of other Bluetooth devices you are using at the same time.
  • On Android devices: The number of Bluetooth devices that can simultaneously send data to your phone or tablet, depends on the manufacturer and model. It varies between 4 to 7 simultaneous Bluetooth devices.  
                      How to know the battery level of my SensePeanut?
  • On iOS: go to your Peanut's page. Pull the page down. The battery level will be shown in the upper right part of your screen.
  • On Android: go to your Peanut's page. Press the main circle. The battery level will be displayed in the main circle. 

                How to check if my SensePeanut is connected to my device?
  • On the iOS SensePeanut App: go to the page of your Peanut, pull the page down. The connection quality will appear in the upper left part of your screen.
  • On the Android SensePeanut App: go to your Peanut' page, press the main circle, it will show the connexion quality.





IOS and Android


45 x 5 x 25mm






Untill 30 meters


From -20° to +60°


Not waterproof


Advice to save energy



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