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Cubii is an elliptical machine designed specifically to be placed under a desk.

Origin: United States .

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Cubii is a connected object allows you to do fitness at work. In fact, this device is intended for people working seated.

Fitness training is very important in today's world and this machine can bring you this satisfaction at work. Don't loose time to go the gym and bring the Cubii at work.

Easy to use and to move, Cubii is also quiet, in order to keep calm in the office. The result is here, this device allows you to sport at work without the noise inconvenient.

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The other advantage of Cubii is to maintain the move of your legs, in fact with this movement, it contributes to a good blood flow. Stop the feeling of heavy legs with Cubii !

Cubii is made for everyone, in fact it has different levels, it can burn 120 calories per hour.

Its application can show the distance travelled, calories burned, and evolution by graphs. Available on IOS and Android and connected by Bluetooth, you can also share its data with your friends, families, colleagues, competitors ... via social networks.

You can also synchronize your Cubii and your connected watches together.




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Its app allow to follow you in every activity you perform 

Bluetooth technology

Its ergonomic design 

Free app 

Easy to use

Weight: 11KG


How many calories does Cubii burn?

Approximately 100-150 calories per hour depending on your resistance level and rotations per minute (RPM)!

Where do I download the app ?

You can download the app by iOS and Android.


How is Cubii different from other pedal exercisers ?

Cubii has been designed to optimize your foot angles such as it is ergonomic to use while sitting. The design allows unconscious leg movements without your knees hitting the underside of your desk.

How do I use Cubii with a chair with wheels ?

For an optimal experience, we recommend using Cubii with a chair without wheels. However, if you must use it with a chair with wheels, Cubii comes with two wheel stoppers that you can insert under your chair for comfortable use.


I forgot my password!

On the sign In screen, click on Forgot Password. Enter the email address you used to sign up for the Cubii app. An email will be sent to that address with a password reset link. If you’re still having trouble, please check the spelling of your email address when you try to login. Please note that both the email and password fields are case-sensitive.

Can I move my Cubii data from one device to another ?

If you’ve switched phones or reinstalled the Cubii app, please Login as an existing member by clicking on Sign In if you’ve used email to signup. If you’ve used Facebook to sign up, please click on Sign in with Facebook. When prompted to login, please use the same email and password you used on your previous phone so we can pull your data from our server and get you started. Please note that you will be able to access the same data when you switch between iOS and Android.

How do I hide my name from user search ?

In Settings, under Privacy, turn off search visibility.


Which social media websites can I share my exercise stats ?

Currently, you can share your exercise stats on Facebook only. In order for you to share stats on Facebook, you need to be signed up via Facebook.


How do I charge my Cubii ?

Plug one end of the charging cable into charging port at the rear end of your Cubii and charge using the provided adapter. The LED light will blink in orange as Cubii charges, and turn green once fully charged.

I have a chair with wheels. My chair keeps sliding back. What do I do ?

You can use the chair wheel stopper provided in the box. Cubii includes two wheel stoppers.. If you use a 4-wheel chair, you should both of them.






IOS and Android


23 x 28 x 59 cm








Lithium battery


Electric 100 - 240V


1 year


Time, distance, calories…




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