Prizm, the intelligent musical pyramid

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Prizm is a musical pyramid that completely reinvents listening to the web radio.

Origin: France 

Livraison gratuite !

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Prizm plays the best webradios, directly through your speakers


The Prizm is a beautiful product. Minimalist, modern, and design; it will fit perfectly into any interior not too dated. It is in the form of a small black and white pyramid with two signs: a cross and a heart. These signs represent the two principal functions of the apparatus: to like a proposed piece, or on the contrary to pass it.


Just press Play to start listening to the perfect station

You can keep your smartphone in your pocket, Prizm is always ready to play. With the touch of a button, enjoy music that suits you.


Prizm plays music depending on your taste

Knowing what you like, Prizm travels the world to select the stations bet suited to your taste. With more than 15000 webradios from all musical genres, embark on a journey full of beautiful discoveries!


How does Prizm know my tastes?

Create your profile in seconds via the Prizm application and select your favorite music genres. Then, all of your interactions are taken into consideration when selecting stations best suited to your taste.


Prizm avoids commercials. For a 100% musical selection

Prizm only plays music radios and its algorithm favors those without commercials.


With multiple users around, Prizm makes everyone agree

Prizm’s musical experience is unique: unlike an app, it is able to recognize people present by their smartphone and automatically plays stations that everyone will enjoy.


Compatible with all speakers

Prizm works with all speakers. It connects via Wi-Fi to thousands of webradios to help you discover the best ones depending on your taste. Just press play!

Play music of your choice over Bluetooth

Anything you can listen to on your phone can be broadcast on Prizm wireless. Prizm will not influence station selection but will connect your speakers if they are not equipped with Bluetooth.


Easy setup

1. Power-up. Prizm is powered by an outlet, so it’s always ready to play.

2. Plug in. Hook up Prizm to your speakers using the output of your choice (jack, optical, Bluetooth).

3. Open the app. Create a profile in seconds and start listening to music right away !




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Good to know :

No interruption. Prizm only connects to musical radios and favours the ad-free ones

Automatic user recognition

Enjoy cutting edge music from any country and discover talented artists

Prizm gives you access to more than 15000 webradios without any subscription

You can control music using the mobile app

Prizm allows an unlimited number of profiles




9 x 12,2 x 8,6 cm



0,81 kg



The Prizm app works with every device supporting iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1 (or more recent versions)



Bluetooth and WiFi



Is Prizm a speaker ?

Prizm is NOT a speaker. It is a new kind of music player you can connect to your own speakers / audio system. Thus you can enjoy Prizm’s experience on your own audio equipement (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…).


How is the sound quality?

Prizm algorithm gives priority to selecting stations with audio quality equal to or better than mp3.


Can I choose the music myself ?

Using the app, you can guide Prizm by choosing a musical genre you Like. Or, you can search and play any station of your choice !


Can Prizm play my own music (playlists, mp3, etc.)?

Prizm includes a bluetooth receiver mode which allows you to play the content of your choice such as your streaming or mp3 playlists from your phone, your computer or your tablet. Prizm provides connectivity to your speakers if they are not equipped with Bluetooth.


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